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JoBlo.com's Top 10 Films of Summer 2013!

And so the summer of 2013 is in the books. As always, it was a bit of a mixed bag, with a few of the biggest tentpoles getting mixed reviews from fans and critics alike, some landing with a big enough thud (THE LONE RANGER, WHITE HOUSE DOWN, AFTER EARTH) that they may call into question a star or franchise's bank-ability. Overall though, it was a rather decent summer, and we, the critics here...
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Review: The Kings of Summer

PLOT: Three teenaged boys, sick of their home lives, decide to build their own house in a clearing in the woods. REVIEW: It can be dangerous to quickly label a movie a new classic, but sometimes it's unavoidable. Like in the case of THE KINGS OF SUMMER, which is destined to become a summertime staple for years to come. It's a vivid, funny and sometimes wonderfully weird...
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Red-band trailer for The Kings of Summer with Nick Offerman looks like a great entry in the coming-of-age genre

Every year we get inundated with the latest teen romp comedy that follows a standard formula of outcast kids getting into more trouble then they're ever used to with outrageous results that usually lead to them becoming more popular and solving some sort of familial dilemma. Well, THE KINGS OF SUMMER looks to fit right in line with that paradigm, but not in the way you'd expect. Rather...
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The next Stand By Me? Check out the trailer, poster, and featurette for The Kings of Summer with Nick Offerman and Alison Brie

Quite a few classics have emerged from the coming-of-age genre with notables like STAND BY ME, THE BREAKFAST CLUB, THE SANDLOT, SUPERBAD, DAZED AND CONFUSED, and DEAD POETS SOCIETY being some of the best. Now, the indie-pic THE KINGS OF SUMMER, which premiered at Sundance this year to rave reviews, is maneuevering to secure a spot in the "best of" category for the genre. Starring Nick...
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