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Review: The Late Bloomer

PLOT: A thirty-year-old sex therapist who’s never reached sexual maturity due to a benign brain tumor all of sudden experiences puberty – all at once. REVIEW: Believe it or not, THE LATE BLOOMER is kinda, sorta based on a true story. While not a sex therapist, Ken Baker, a writer whose memoirs this is based on, actually did suffer from the same condition Johnny...
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Casting news collection: Elijah Wood, Meryl Streep, Ron Perlman, Anthony Mackie, Aubrey Plaza, and more!

Nine actors go in, four vastly different projects come out.  1) Elijah Wood is starring in THE LATE BLOOMER.  To be directed by Randall Einhorn (Wood's own "Wilfred"), THE LATE BLOOMER is an adaptation of the 2001 book "Man Made: A Memoir of My Body" and tells "the amazing true story of a man who found out at close to age 30 that he hadn’t yet totally undergone...
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