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Review: The Longest Week

PLOT: Conrad Valmont ( Jason Bateman ) the affluent son of a prominent New York family finds himself out on the street when his family decides to stop funding his opulent lifestyle. He moves in with his best friend Dylan ( Billy Crudup ) and promptly steals his girlfriend, Beatrice ( Olivia Wilde ). REVIEW: Right from the get-go its pretty obvious that THE LONGEST...
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Jason Bateman steals Olivia Wilde from Billy Crudup in The Longest Week

Jason Bateman seems to get quite a few hot ladies in his feature film career. Whether it be Charlize Theron in HANCOCK or Jennifer Aniston in THE SWITCH, Bateman has gotten a chance to film romantic scenes with some of the hottest ladies in Hollywood. After appearing together in THE CHANGE-UP, Bateman will get another change to bed Olivia Wilde in the upcoming THE LONGEST WEEK....
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