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Woody Harrelson is Kinda Crazy (video)

All actors are kinda crazy. Oh goody! Especially that one guy they call Woody. Woody Harrelson has entertained audiences with many wild characters on the big (and small) screen. He has provided much spectacle off screen as well. Over the years, Mr. Harrelson has engaged in many political protests and run-ins with the law after a wild night of drinks or drugs or both. This...
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Face-Off: Willem Dafoe vs. Woody Harrelson

Our special Thanksgiving edition of the Face-Off last week featured ANY GIVEN SUNDAY hitting the field with THE LONGEST YARD (1974) with the Oliver Stone opus winning the big game. Scott Cooper’s second directorial effort OUT OF THE FURNACE opens tomorrow and so we figured we’d throw a couple of great actors from his film into our ring: Willem Dafoe and Woody Harrelson. I didn’t...
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