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JoBlo Movie Podcast: The Walking Dead is Losing Us! Searching For Sugar Man & The Package Reviewed!

Searching For Sugar Man is Awesome! Click above to LISTEN NOW! We sat down in the quiet before the Oscar storm and got drunk. This is what happened. Moreno watches SEARCHING FOR SUGAR MAN, BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD, and the de-gansterization of Ice Cube . Law checks out the evolving legend of Stone Cold Steve Austin in THE...
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This Week in Blu-ray / DVD Releases: Argo, Game of Thrones, Undefeated ...

This week: All of Affleck's sins are forgiven after Argo. Also: Last year's Oscar-winning Best Documentary, the return of Battlestar Galactica, and the explosive second season of Game of Thrones. ► Ben Affleck ’s Oscar snub is even more sickening when you realize just how many great movies ARGO is in one: A...
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