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Derek Cianfrance to direct a movie about the formation of ESPN

You all are familiar with director Derek Cianfrance , he's known for indie movies like BLUE VALENTINE and THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES but what if I told you he was doing a movie about ESPN? Cianfrance has attached himself to helm an adaptation of the book "ESPN: Those Guys Have All the Fun" which was recently acquired by Focus Features. The material is an oral history on the...
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This Week in Blu-ray / DVD Releases: Oblivion, The Place Beyond the Pines, Community ...

This week: Tom Cruise and his old school sci-fi, a bizarro season of Community, and Ryan Gosling goes gritty again. ► OBLIVION is like the year’s forgotten sci-fi movie, cast aside once all those shiny summer toys arrived. It deserves a fresh set of eyes, if only because it’s Tom...
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Watch the opening tracking shot of Ryan Gosling in The Place Beyond The Pines

A lot of buzz has been generated for the Ryan Gosling / Bradley Cooper starrer THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES from director Derek Cianfrance . Some compare it to an arthouse thriller, others a pulpy crime pic, but either way it's definitely got some heat. Our own review called it the best movie of 2013 so far, so there's that. I still have yet to see the film, as it's opened in limited...
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Exclusive 1:1 interview With The Place Beyond the Pines star Ryan Gosling

He played a crack-addicted school teacher in HALF NELSON, a man in love with a blow up doll in LARS AND THE REAL GIRL, and a charismatic but deadly getaway driver in DRIVE --so it's no surprise that Ryan Gosling was game to play a motorcycle stunt driver who turns to robbing banks in THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES. Directed by Derek Cianfrance , the film is initially told through the...
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Exclusive 1:1 interview With The Place Beyond the Pines star Eva Mendes

Known for sexpot roles in films like 2 FAST 2 FURIOUS and ONCE UPON A TIME IN MEXICO, Eva Mendes has seemingly entered a new phase in her career. In recent years, she's taken on films like the indie drama LAST NIGHT and the Cannes Film Festival darling HOLY MOTORS. THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES marks another art film foray for the actress. Mendes stars as Romina, a waitress raising the son...
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Exclusive 1:1 interviews with The Place Beyond the Pines star Dane Dehaan and Emory Cohen

Dane DeHaan's performance in THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES cements his status as one of Hollywood's most promising young actors. Directed by Derek Cianfrance, the film follows Luke, a motorcycle stunt driver (Ryan Gosling) who turns to robbing banks in order to provide for his infant son. DeHaan stars as a teen who's aching to know more about the father he never knew. Seemingly suffocated...
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Review: The Place Beyond the Pines

PLOT: A motorcycle stuntman becomes a bank robber to support his family. A police officer must decide between corruption and his own conscience. A high schooler in search of the truth about his father must confront his own legacy. REVIEW: The sins of the father shall be visited upon the son. It's a timeworn notion, both in real life and movie-life - hey, we've all got daddy...
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Ryan Gosling has been acting too much and needs a break

We can now add Ryan Gosling to the short list of actors who are taking a break from acting. Recently it was announced that Daniel Day-Lewis was taking a time out, and so was Leonardo DiCaprio . Way to go, DiCaprio. This is your chance to get an Oscar, and you've gotta go party with some blonde on a beach somewhere. At least that's what I imagine him doing, aside from sitting on a...
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Cool Videos: Check out Ryan Gosling's Acting Range where he can play all sorts of New Yorkers

Before we get to far into this, I like Ryan Gosling . I think the guy is talented. Even in movies like CRAZY STUPID LOVE, the guy comes across as likeable. Now, I know there are haters out there who think the movie DRIVE was bad, but I loved it. However, with every new trailer featuring Gosling, I feel like he is channeling that same exact character over and over again. THE PLACE...
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Bradley Cooper tries to give money to Eva Mendes in a clip from The Place Beyond the Pines

It's March, which means we finally get to see Derek Cianfrance 's THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES. Until the 29th gets here, we must fill our void with a clip from the film. In this one, Bradley Cooper tries to give Eva Mendes the money recovered from her home. Basically she tells him to "f*ck off." The biggest question is: Why? Why would he try to give her the money? Is he...
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Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes and Bradley Cooper have their heads in the clouds on this poster for The Place Beyond the Pines

After watching Derek Cianfrance 's BLUE VALENTINE, I knew that this guy would go on to direct films with interesting character relationships that feel genuine. While THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES is a bit more of a stretch than the relationship drama contained in BLUE VALENTINE, Cianfrance makes you feel for the character in whatever situation. Of course, after seeing pictures, I...
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Bradley Cooper and Ryan Gosling look fantastic in the trailer for The Place Beyond the Pines

The first trailer for THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES has finally landed. With all of the festivals it played at, it feels like this movie came out a long time ago. But, here we have our first long look at Derek Cianfrance 's follow up to the brutal BLUE VALENTINE. Plot: The film powerfully explores the consequences of motorcycle rider Luke ( Ryan Gosling )’s fateful...
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