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Ready for more Rundown? Peter Berg wants to make a sequel with Jonah Hill

It's hard to imagine a time when Dwayne Johnson wasn't the biggest star on the planet, but as with most things in this world, you've got to start somewhere. Following his debut as Mathayus in both THE MUMMY RETURNS and THE SCORPION KING, Dwayne Johnson starred in THE RUNDOWN as Beck, a bounty hunter who wants out of the game but agrees to take on one last bounty by...
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Why I Love Movies - Chapter XII

Why do I love movies? Well, that is a loaded question. How much time do you have? I could go into a long-winded diatribe about the art of film-making or the magic of the movies, but all of that has been said countless times before. Not every movie is a masterpiece, but every film has touched me in one way or another. Every other week, we will look at a handful of reasons why movies...
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Peter Berg and Dwayne Johnson are discussing a sequel to The Rundown

Do you guys remember THE RUNDOWN? I do. It was a fun action movie starring Dwayne Johnson and Sean William Scott and directed by Peter Berg . It played like RUSH HOUR crossed with INDIANA JONES and had some nice supporting roles from Christopher Walken and Rosario Dawson . While it didn't fare well at the box office it has enjoyed a nice following since hitting DVD. Now, the...
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