The Smurfs 2 TAGS's tribute to the people from film & TV we lost in 2013

"We are meant to lose the people we love. How else would we know how important they are to us?" ~ The Curious Case of Benjamin Button As 2013 draws to a close, we here at want take a moment to honor some of the people who sadly passed away this year. Our deepest respect goes out to everyone in the industry we have lost, and our thoughts and prayers are...
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This Week in Blu-ray / DVD Releases: The Wolverine, The Smurfs 2, Mortal Instruments ...

This week: The redemption of Wolverine, a second serving of Smurfs, and maybe the greatest tearjerker ever turns 30. ► It was a given THE WOLVERINE would be better than the first solo outing – it would take the likes of Friedberg and Seltzer to make a worse movie. What’s surprising is how...
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These 19 films were submitted for Best Animated Feature Oscar

ANIMATED DEATHMATCH! Nineteen will enter and five will be left to compete for the title of "Best Animated Film" for the 86th Academy Awards. Basically every big animated movie that came out this year was nominated. Can I nominate DRAGONBALL Z: BATTLE OF THE GODS? No? Fine. Here are the lucky 19: CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS 2 THE CROODS DESPICABLE ME 2...
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2013 Sony Pictures Movie Preview!

I love this time of year mostly because it's a "fresh start" to the new year in movies. To that end, we'll be presenting all of the top studios' 2013 movie previews right here, including a picture from each film (if a photo is available), its release date, the plot synopsis along with our basic THUMBS UP ( we want to see this! ), THUMBS DOWN ( we do not want to see this! ) or QUESTION...
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Ridiculous new trailer for The Smurfs 2 highlights every cliche you love to hate

Because you demanded it, The Smurfs are back in THE SMURFS 2, coming at you in all their asinine ways.  Since the first film actually killed it at the box office, we now get to revisit the little blue men and women, along with their toilet humor and raucous behavior, complete with new characters that look just like Smurfs only with different skin color.  So, there's that. I...
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Wait, there's a sequel to The Smurfs? They were surprised too. Here's the teaser trailer.

I must have blocked this out of my mind. A new teaser for THE SMURFS 2 has landed on Facebook. Even the little Smurfy in the clip is having some trouble remembering that a sequel was made. On a positive note, I do know some parents who told me that their kids really enjoyed the first movie. I watched the cartoon from the 80s every now and then as a kid. There was always the issue...
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The Smurfs 2 poster and new villains peek reveals what will be the Godfather of all animation films

All right, I smurfed you with that "Godfather" line just to pull you in.  However, it's really just to talk smurf about this Smurfs business and why it continues to exist.  Well, the simple answer is; money.  THE SMURFS made a lot of smurfing money and thus, we are now going to be subjected to not one, but two mothersmurfing sequels, the first of which, THE SMURFS 2 is...
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