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Stephen King teases new adaptations of The Stand and Salem's Lot

There's been at least one Stephen King adaptation, either on television or as a feature-film, almost every year for decades, but this past year has seen quite a few high-profile King projects, including THE DARK TOWER, IT, 1922, and GERALD'S GAME. Largely based on the astounding success of IT, there's already been several new Stephen King -related projects put into...
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Awesome Art We've Found Around The Net: Stephen King Special

Some cliche somewhere said that 'a picture is worth a thousand words.' This has proven to be the case for me and especially when it comes to fan art. I have always sought out great fan art and have wanted to share it with as many people as possible. "Awesome Artwork We've Found Around The Net" is the outlet for that passion. In this column I will showcase the kick-ass...
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The Stand delayed as Josh Boone moves forward with Stephen King's Revival

I really feel for those fans of Stephen King 's "The Stand" who have been looking forward to witnessing King's epic play out on the big-screen, and today's news likely won't offer much comfort that we'll ever see "The Stand" hit theaters. Josh Boone (THE FAULT IN OUR STARS) has been set to write and direct an adaptation of "The...
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Josh Boone's The Stand will be preceded by an 8-part miniseries on Showtime

I'm one of those jerks who have neither read Stephen King 's "The Stand" nor seen the 1994 TV miniseries of the same time, but I am aware that "The Stand" is quite the gigantic book and therefore a tricky thing to condense. The big-screen adaptation of THE STAND has been a long time coming with the project entering and exiting many different hands before...
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Matthew McConaughey in talks to play Randall Flagg in Josh Boone's The Stand

Back in August it was reported Warner Bros. was eyeing Matthew McConaughey to play villain Randall Flagg in their big screen version of Stephen King 's THE STAND , however director Josh Boone later tweeted he has always wanted McConaughey to play Stu Redman, with Christian Bale as Flagg. Well now The Guardian has learned the actor is currently in talks to play...
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Josh Boone says his adaptation of The Stand will be at least four movies

Stephen King 's THE STAND is a big ass book. The uncut edition comes in at over a thousand pages and has already spawned a six hour mini-series and a thirty-one issue comic book. Obviously, whittling down such a story into a two hour film was never going to happen, but now it looks like it may need more than two films to tell the entire tale. In an appearance on Kevin Smith 's...
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Stephen King "absolutely loved" Josh Boone's script for The Stand adaptation

In an interview with Collider , writer/director Josh Boone revealed he's finished the script for THE STAND adaptation, and says author Stephen King really enjoyed Boone's take on his novel. I finished writing the script maybe a month ago. Stephen [King] absolutely loved it. It’s, I think, the first script ever approved by him. [It'll be] a single version...
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Will the ending of Josh Boone's The Stand leave room for a potential sequel?

Stephen King 's THE STAND was originally released back in 1978 before being revised and expanded to over 1000 pages in 1990. The mini-series released in 1994 was widely considered one of the best King adaptations on the small screen and a recent comic book series continued the trend of retelling the classic and sprawling tale of a post-apocalyptic war between good and evil. With...
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Matthew McConaughey wanted for Randall Flagg role in The Stand adaptation

This coming Monday, Matthew McConaughey could win an Emmy for his fantastic performance on True Detective; which would sit perfectly next to the Oscar he won earlier this year for DALLAS BUYERS CLUB . A man of talent and class, it’s no wonder he’s in high demand these days. He will be starring in Christopher Nolan 's anticipated epic INTERSTELLAR this November,...
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Josh Boone says The Stand will be a 3-hour R-rated adaptation!

Director Josh Boone has been making the rounds promoting this weekend release of THE FAULT IN OUR STARS ( Chris enjoyed it ). Once the subject switched to his upcoming adaptation of THE STAND , he certainly had my attention. Boone was hired to direct THE STAND for Warner Bros. and since then many assumed given the length of the Stephen King novel (800+ pages) that we...
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The Fault in Our Stars' Nat Wolff joins Josh Boone's The Stand adaptation

Director Josh Boone and actor Nat Wolff have worked together twice with STUCK IN LOVE and THE FAULT IN OUR STARS, and now Boone has cast Wolff in his planned adaptation of THE STAND . However, the actor won't actually be playing a character from Stephen King 's novel. Josh Boone recently told THR he's writing a part specifically for Nat Wolff . Here's...
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The Fault in Our Stars Josh Boone to write and direct The Stand

So here we are, still trying to make THE STAND happen. Stop trying to make THE STAND happen! It’s not going to happen. Actually, for now, it still is. Since Scott Cooper dropped out due to creative differences Warner Bros. and CBS Films have been on the hunt for a writer/director. Now here we are in February, and it looks like they’ve found someone to fit the bill....
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