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Top 10 Actors Who Could Replace Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

A week before release, LOGAN is already one of the most critically acclaimed comic book adaptations of all time. But, it is a bittersweet reminder that this is also the last time we will see Hugh Jackman play Wolverine on the big screen. With the X-Men universe still plugging along, it will only be a matter of time before the character is played by a new actor. With the future in mind, here is...
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Top 10 Movie Hospitals You Would Never Want To Be Admitted To

A CURE FOR WELLNESS hits theaters today and unveils a new terrifying medical clinic to haunt the nightmares of any person who gets a cough or runny nose. Turning places of healing into horrible settings for films of all genres has been a hallmark of Hollywood since the early days of film. There are tons of films about evil and malicious doctors and their mad experiments, but this ranking puts...
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Top 10 Movie Gun Fights of All Time

JOHN WICK roars back into theaters this weekend with a second chapter of badass gunplay and action sequences. With that in mind, we have compiled our ranking of the ten greatest gun fights ever put to film. Keep in mind that a gun fight necessitates a gun so movies featuring hand to hand combat with a couple of bullets mixed in for good measure didn't quite make the cut. These are literal...
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Top 10 Threequels of All Time

Third films in franchises rarely get any credit because sequels unfortunately don't always live up to their predecessors. Often the third movie gets a bad rap because what the filmmakers tried to do with the second film could not be replicated in the third. But, in rare occassions, the third film can be better than the movies that came before it. Here is our ranking of the best threequels of...
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Top 10 Movies with Last in the Title

Earlier this week, the title of Rian Johnson's entry in the STAR WARS saga was revealed to be THE LAST JEDI. Everyone is now theorizing about what the title could mean. Clearly, this is not going to be the last entry in the franchise but the word last does carry certain connotations with it. With that in mind, here is our ranking of the ten best movies with the word last in the title. Some are...
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Top 10 Big Screen Split Personalities

M. Night Shyamalan's latest film, SPLIT, opens today. James McAvoy plays a man with numerous personalities which leads a group of kidnapped women to deal with a horrific and torturous experience. Multiple personalities on film have a long and storied history that goes back to classics like DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE as well as THE THREE FACES OF EVE. Over the years, there have been tons of movies...
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Top 10 Movies That Looked Bad But Turned Out Great

Sometimes, trailers do a pisspoor job of marketing a film. The movie may seem generic or wholly different than the finished product. Sometimes, a story just seems so bad that you have no desire to even watch it. Then, word of mouth kicks in and people begin to realize the movie may actually be decent. Such is the case with these ten films. In recent years, these movies represent films that...
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Top 10 Most Anticipated New TV Shows of 2017

Just as we look forward to a new year of films, television will yield more and more substantially powerful shows. From event series to reboots and revivals, superheroes and dramas, 2017 looks to be chock full of some unique programs that aim to continue the brand new golden age of TV. Here is our ranking of ten new series set to debut this year which includes both basic and premium cable along...
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Top 10 Movies Set in The Year 2017

With only a couple days left in 2016, many of us are ready to see this year put to rest. But, 2017 is going to be a new beast entirely. Regardless of politics or world events, movies have predicted that this upcoming calendar year is going to be a rough one. Check out our ranking of the ten movies set in 2017 that could bode poorly for the upcoming 365 days. If you think we missed a worthy...
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Top 10 Non-Holiday Movies Set During Christmas

Christmas movies have been airing pretty much non-stop of cable since Thanksgiving. Between A CHRISTMAS STORY and THE POLAR EXPRESS, you may be ho-ho-hoed out. So, why not watch a movie set during Christmas but is not directly about Christmas? These ten flicks all take place around December 25th but don't have too much to do with the holiday itself. See if you agree with these picks or if you...
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Top 10 Star Wars Spin-offs We Want To See

ROGUE ONE hits theaters everywhere today and gives the world their first standalone entry in the STAR WARS universe. We already know a Han Solo standalone film is coming next but there are so many potential stories in George Lucas' fictional universe that are worth seeing told on the big screen. Here is our ranking of the top ten stories we want to see as standalone tales in the STAR WARS...
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Top 10 Underrated Christmas Movies

During Christmas, people usually stick to the classics like MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET, ELF, A CHRISTMAS STORY, IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE and so many other great movies. The holidays also offer a lot of off the beaten path or underseen movies that deserve a spot in your December rotation. Here is my top ten ranking of the ten best underrated Christmas movies that should be added to your list to watch...
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