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Aaron Paul to star in Zack Whedon's Come and Find Me & new Hulu series

Breaking Bad and NEED FOR SPEED actor Aaron Paul is set to star in Zack Whedon's directorial debut COME AND FIND ME, according to Deadline . Whedon also wrote the 2012 Black List script, which "follows the character of David (Paul) who must track down his missing girlfriend after he realizes she’s not who she was pretending to be." Production on the thriller...
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Review: The Way Way Back

PLOT: A timid teenager forced to go to his mother's boyfriend's beach house for the summer finds friendship with a sardonic water park manager. REVIEW: THE WAY WAY BACK treads familiar territory, but well. We've seen plenty of coming-of-age tales of this sort before; we know the rhythm, we can predict the outcome. But the film (which is the debut of THE DESCENDANTS...
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Steve Carell is a major douche in the trailer for The Way, Way Back

The moment I started watching the trailer for THE WAY, WAY BACK I drew comparisons to LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE. At first it was because of Steve Carell and Toni Collette appearing on screen but also because the tone of the movie is similar. A family dealing with changes to their dynamic, a son alienated from the parents, and a cast of quirky characters. I also was reminded of THE...
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