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Movie Advice From a 4-Year old: Deadpool (video)

4-year-old Aaron loves superhero movies. He know who the Hulk is, and Iron Man and Captain America, but his favorite superheroes are PAW PATROL. Probably because they are puppies that rescue other people and then go home and lick their balls. I can't blame him. I'm guessing though that he's never heard of DEADPOOL, so I figured I would get his thoughts on some of Deadpool's decision...
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Awesome Art We've Found Around The Net: Deadpool, The Evil Dead, King Kong

Some cliche somewhere said that 'a picture is worth a thousand words.' This has proven to be the case for me and especially when it comes to fan art. I have always sought out great fan art and have wanted to share it with as many people as possible. "Awesome Artwork We've Found Around The Net" is the outlet for that passion. In this column I will showcase the kick-ass...
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The Winners of the 16th Annual Golden Schmoes are in!

The results are in! The Schmoes have spoken and the winners of the 2016 Golden Schmoes are here! While it was a mix of films and talent that took home some of the awards, it was very clear that you guys loved two things the most this year; DEADPOOL and Harley Quinn. While that may not sound like a surprise, there were also some solid wins in other categories that didn't...
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Ryan Reynolds celebrates Deadpool's one-year anniversary with a crappy ad

One year ago we were finally treated to the DEADPOOL flick, and thus commenced the year of red spandex and meta humor. Seriously though, the love of this movie has continued even to this day, and star Ryan Reynolds is celebrating our year-long relationship with a thoughtful, splendidly vulgar ad for the one thing we all need: toilet paper. Enjoy your gift below, and be ashamed...
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Vote NOW for the 16th Annual Golden Schmoes Awards!

The time has come! You guys voted for the nominees and now it's time to vote for the winners! The 16th Annual JoBlo Movie Awards (aka The Golden Schmoes) is in YOUR control, so hit the booth and cast your votes! Final voting runs from Monday, February 6th through Wednesday, February 24th, with winners to be announced on Friday, February 22nd, just ahead of the Oscars! You can review...
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Deadpool writers comment on Deadpool/Wolverine rumors: "could become true"

It's now February, and DEADPOOL came out, literally, almost one year ago – and we still can’t stop talking about it. In recent weeks it’s been all about the rumored ( and then proven false ) cameo of the character (played by Ryan Reynolds ) showing up in next month’s LOGAN. Though the shoot-down of the rumor dismayed a lot of fans, the writers of DEADPOOL,...
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Ryan Reynolds responds to Deadpool Oscar snub

While a long-shot, there was some who felt that DEADPOOL might've had a chance at some Oscar gold. Those people were delusional, but those people did exist. Anyway, what's done is done, and DEADPOOL has come away with zero nominations. But Ryan Reynolds , star of DEADPOOL, had this to say about it on Twitter: Regularly scheduled tickle-fight at Camp #Deadpool is...
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JoBlo Movie Show Podcast: The Last Jedi, Split, Terminator, Hellboy 3 & more

Select your listening preference below: *The following podcast is Rated F for Foul Language* Welcome to The JoBlo Movie Show Podcast ! Join hosts Paul Shirey (Editor-in-Chief, JoBlo.com), Chris Bumbray (JoBlo.com film critic), and Sean Wist (JoBlo.com news/video editor) as they discuss all the latest and greatest (and not so greatest) things about film and...
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James Cameron in early talks with Tim Miller to reboot The Terminator

Well, I certainly didn't see that coming. After the disappointing reception which TERMINATOR: GENISYS received, it seemed that the TERMINATOR franchise was finally buried once and for all, but, according to Deadline , none other than James Cameron himself will be bringing the character back from the dead. James Cameron will regain certain rights to THE TERMINATOR in 2019,...
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Ryan Reynolds on how Deadpool will respond to all this awards attention

DEADPOOL came out this year to unexpected, massive, globe-spanning, holy-shit-this-is-insane success. It took the superhero movie we’ve become accustomed to seeing and flipped it for a filthy loop. But the movie hasn’t just taken the superhero genre by storm, but the Oscar race as well. Making a shocking presence at the Globes and several Guild awards, some believe...
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Deadpool sequel will tone down Cable's convoluted origin story

Although Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick had at one time considered adding Cable to DEADPOOL, it was decided that the focus should remain purely with Wade Wilson ( Ryan Reynolds ) and the fan-favourite character had to make due with a brief mention during DEADPOOL's post-credit scene. Cable will have a large presence in the upcoming sequel however, but certain sacrifices will have...
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Ryan Reynolds wants you to consider Deadpool for some Oscars in new video

On January 24 we will finally hear the nominations for this year’s Oscars, and some titles we can expect to be called out again and again are LA LA LAND, MANCHESTER BY THE SEA, MOONLIGHT and more. Though those are terrific movies that people love, some still look at the Academy like a gang of old farts who will never nominate films that the general public has rallied around -...
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