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Journey 2 writers Mark and Brian Gunn to script Timecop reboot

The last time I wrote anything on the TIMECOP reboot was the announcement that they were actually doing it last year. Then I did a Cast This for the character of Max Walker originally played by the legendary Jean-Claude Van Damme . The schmoes top three choices included: Scott Adkins , Jason Statham , and Karl Urban . Any of those sound like good picks to you?...
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Cast This: Max Walker from Timecop

I thought this edition of Cast This would be for fun. Now that TIMECOP is getting a reboot why not cast the role of Max Walker? I wouldn't say this was a classic by any means, but it wasn't a crappy movie in my humble opinion. Most movie fans I know would actually say it was a fun time. That said, Jean-Claude Van Damme isn't irreplaceable in this role. Sure, he is a one of a...
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The Ten Spot: Movies that got the future wrong

As 2012 comes to a close, another major Doomsday theory has come and gone. It makes you wonder how these conspiracy nuts have not learned from Hollywood that predicting a specific future date does not always result well. In fact, some films with specific future timeframes look kind of goofy in retrospect. Here are the top ten of those films with failed futures. Add your own in the talkbacks...
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