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Awfully Good: Drive Angry

Once BABY DRIVER grows up and has to deal with rush hour traffic, he will learn to…   Drive Angry (2011)   Director: Patrick Lussier Stars: Nicolas Cage, Amber Heard, William Fichtner Nicolas Cage breaks out of hell with a fast ride and plenty of ammo in order to save his infant granddaughter from being sacrificed by...
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Awfully Good: Jason X

From one Jason to another, Happy Halloween from Awfully Good! Jason X (2001) Director: Jim Isaac Stars: Kane Hodder, Lexa Doig, Lisa Ryder Jason Voorhees' machete still works just fine in space. In case you were wondering. You know a franchise has run out of steam when it decides to inexplicably send its characters in to outer...
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Michael Myers kills again as Halloween Returns begins production this July

Michael Myers will return to terrorize sexually active teenagers in the newly announced HALLOWEEN RETURNS. Previously known as HALLOWEEN 3D and set to be directed by Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer , the film will now be directed by SAW writer Marcus Dunstan from a script he wrote alongside Patrick Melton . The pair have worked multiple times together on films like THE COLLECTOR,...
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Winners Announced! Win a Blu-Ray of the revenge flick American Muscle!

Winners Announced! Congratulations to Adam Owen, Russell Lee, Zach Hamby, Nick Weipert, and Nathan Hale! Check your e-mail for confirmation and thanks to everyone for entering the giveaway! If you're a fan of violent, crazy, and gory revenge exploitation then we've got a hell of a treat for you. We're going to be giving away 5 COPIES of the newly released...
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Check out American Muscle written by our own John Fallon AKA The Arrow!

Many of you are aware of John Fallon AKA The Arrow, our "headmaster" of Arrow In The Head, and in the past few years he's stepped his game in a big way, both as an actor, writer, and director. The Arrow's most recent release, AMERICAN MUSCLE, which he wrote and also has a role in, hit blu-ray/DVD/VOD, and we're pleased as punch to see him continue to climb the...
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Guns, cars, and amputees aplenty in the NSFW trailer for American Muscle, written by John Fallon!

What do you get when you cross OLDBOY with GRINDHOUSE? Probably something along the lines of AMERICAN MUSCLE. This violent epic of revenge comes to us from a screenplay written by's very own John Fallon . The trailer and poster have now premiered and they are a sight to behold in their full NSFW glory. AMERICAN MUSCLE is an independent feature but doesn't look cheap at...
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