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Another videogame adaptation on the way, this time for The Division

Another day, another videogame adaptation. Don't get me wrong, I have faith we'll get a great videogame movie someday, and hell, I'd argue we already did with MORTAL KOMBAT and SILENT HILL. But with the proliferation of titles, it's still astonishing how many of them are not only bad, but f*cking terrible. This brings us to the latest one, Ubisoft's THE...
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Morten Tyldum to helm Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan for Direct Amazon series

Morten Tyldum , director of THE IMITATION GAME and the recent Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt interstellar romance flick, PASSENGERS, has signed on to direct the first episode of the upcoming straight-to-series-drama TOM CLANCY’S JACK RYAN for Amazon. The series will come from Lost duo and co-showrunner Carlton Cuse and writer Graham Roland. The action-drama...
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E3 bonanza of cool things to look at - Spider-Man, Legend of Zelda & more

This year's E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo, for those of you need clarification) is currently in full swing at the Los Angeles Convention Center for the annual gathering of what the video game industry is prepared to unleash on the world next... and from the looks of it, they've got some sweet business they'd like us to buy up in the coming months.  While there is a wealth of...
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Doug Liman to direct Splinter Cell starring Tom Hardy

The SPLINTER CELL adaptation has finally found a director. Doug Liman is in final talks to helm the video game flick for Ubisoft and New Regency. Tom Hardy has been attached to star since 2012. The film has been slowly coming along after being passed through Dreamworks and Paramount. Peter Berg was on at one point to helm until he moved on to other things. SPLINTER...
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Y: The Last Man writers set to pen Ghost Recon adaptation

When I first saw the headlines for this piece of news, I laughed. Y: THE LAST MAN scribes? Really? So they've finally gotten a move on that. Not to mention that I can't judge what GHOST RECON will be like based on a movie that has yet to come out. I would have loved to see a Y: THE LAST MAN movie like 3 years ago. Okay, I'd still like to see one but I think that with the material that...
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Michael Bay is developing a Ghost Recon movie at Warner Bros.

Michael Bay may make the jump from adapting Saturday morning cartoons to adapting a video game with his next project after TRANSFORMERS 4. But, then again, aren't Michael Bay movies basically video games to begin with? Variety is reporting that Bay has set up development at Warner Bros. on a movie version of Tom Clancy 's video game GHOST RECON. The studio hopes to...
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Game developer Ubisoft further cements its presence in Hollywood with the possible development of a Ghost Recon movie

While they haven't made a movie yet, it seems that game developer Ubisoft sure knows how to use its Motion Pictures unit. Run by Jean-Julien Baronnet, the former head of EuropaCorp (Luc Besson's film production company), the MPu has already secured two major Hollywood deals - Michael Fassbender is set to star in and co-produce ASSASSIN'S CREED, while Tom Hardy has signed on to...
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Tom Hardy will star in the Splinter Cell movie

It seems that in the very near future, all movies will either be based on Tom Clancy novels or star Tom Hardy. In this case, we will be getting both in the same movie. The Hollywood Reporter says that Tom Hardy is now attached to star in SPLINTER CELL, based on the Clancy novels and video games. The movie will be written by Eric Singer, who wrote David O. Russell's upcoming...
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UPDATED: Chris Pine has a need for speed in the first image from the new Jack Ryan movie

UPDATED: New pic with Chris Pine as Jack Ryan and Kevin Coster as CIA agent William Harper (click to enlarge) With the news of the JACK RYAN reboot hitting the net at a rapid pace, this still certainly has arrived just as fast.  It seemed like the cast was coming together and the crew was gearing up for pre-productiong, but apparently they're hip deep in it at this...
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