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Vikings rage in trailer for Northmen: A Viking Saga

With the History Channel's Vikings picking up some steam, that may pave the way for a larger appetite for all things Viking. This includes (but is not limited to) cool ships, battle-damaged armor, manly beards, and war cries before impaling your enemy with cold steel. Enter: NORTHMEN: A VIKING SAGA. The extended synopsis goes a little something like this: A gang...
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Argh Maties! Check out the trailer for Starz new Michael Bay produced TV show, Black Sails

STARZ recently closed up shop on their Spartacus TV series, leaving a big, gaping, bloody wound in their programming. However, bloodthirsty fans may have a worthy contender to fill in the gap with the upcoming original series Black Sails, a prequel show to author Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island. The show takes place twenty years before the events in the classic novel, focusing on...
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