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Biopic about Elvis Presley's manager The Colonel in development

Unfortunately, the music industry is full of terrible deals which take advantage of talent, and even a superstar like Elvis Presley wasn't immune. Before Presley's stardom exploded with the release of "Heartbreak Hotel" in 1956, he signed a contract with Tom Parker which made Parker his exclusive representative in all aspects of his career. Although Elvis Presley went...
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Character actor Edward Hermann has passed away

We couldn't get through the final day of 2014 without losing another recognized face from film and television as we remember character actor Edward Hermann who has passed away at the age of 71. Hermann succumbed after a long battle with brain cancer, depriving the world of stage and screen of another performer. Hermann began his career in the 1970s working on films like THE PAPER CHASE,...
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Warner Bros. and WWE tag team to bring you a new Flintstones animated adventure in 2015

Looks like fans of both WWE and The Flintstones are about to be in heaven as Warner Bros. and WWE are teaming up to create a new, direct-to-video animated THE FLINTSTONES pic. Starring a number of current big-name wrestlers, including John Cena and CM Punk, the animated pic will seemingly mix in the regular characters with new, prehistoric versions of the famous wrestlers. Here's the...
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