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John "Pops" Witherspoon says another Friday movie is imminent

Happy Friday, party people! It's a shame that this news didn't drop yesterday on 4/20, but what are you going to do? Coming at you live from the Power 95.3 Get Up Crew, FRIDAY actor John Witherspoon cruised by the studio and dropped one hell of an info bomb when he stated that, "I was at the airport, I saw Ice Cube , and Cube said they were going to do...
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Ice Cube says he still wants to make another Friday movie; "That's my dream"

A fourth installment in the FRIDAY franchise has been stuck in development hell at New Line pretty much since FRIDAY AFTER NEXT was released almost thirteen years ago, but Ice Cube is still down for another Friday in the hood. The cult classic will return to select theaters for one day only on Monday, April 20 (I'm sure most of you can figure out why that date was picked) to...
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Cool Videos: NSFW Supercut of all 171 times Sam Jackson has said motherf-er

Samuel L. Jackson is a national treasure. There are very few actors out there who I feel instantly make a movie more watchable. Morgan Freeman is one and Samuel L. Jackson is another. Both actors have iconic voices and have lent themselves to some of the biggest films of the last four decades. The biggest difference between the two? The sheer numbers of times they utter the word...
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Cool Videos: Honest Trailers gets high with Friday

I know you don't smoke weed, I know this; but I'm gonna get you high today, 'cause it's Friday; you ain't got no job... and you ain't got shit to do. One of my all-time favorite comedies is FRIDAY, starring Ice Cube and Chris Tucker . It introduced the world to the antics of Tucker, who has since disappeared (although he has been sighted in SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK) and created a...
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WTF news: Red-band trailer for K-11, a violent transgender prison flick directed by...Kristen Stewart's mom?

Your mom directed that movie!  So, in some really odd news, it turns out that Kristen Stewart s mom is not only a director, but one that made a movie called K-11, about a man trapped in a secret section of the L.A. jail system that houses gay and transgendered bad boys/girls.  So, yeah.  The pic stars Goran Visnjic as the trapped man locked up in the secret jail who...
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