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Akiva Goldsman to bring Ghost to the small screen

Immediately upon seeing that there was news of a GHOST series, I thought of "Unchained Melody". Then I wondered if the magic that is the movie could even be captured on the small screen. Basically there's a lot running through my head right now. So Akiva Goldsman (I AM LEGEND) and Jeff Pinkner (ALIAS, LOST) are developing a series based on 1990s GHOST which starred Patrick...
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David Yates' Tarzan is shutting down their production office, Warner Bros may try again next year

David Yates ' ambitious TARZAN is shutting down according to Deadline . The production office setup for the film at Warner Bros has been closed and all plans to try and mount the production this year are seemingly off. Those involved at the studio say that the movie is not cancelled and Yates may attempt to try again in 2014. The movie looks to have suffered from a swelling budget...
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Jessica Chastain is the first choice for Jane in David Yates' Tarzan

Could the next big role for Jessica Chastain involve a dude wearing a loincloth? Rumors have it that she is being considered the first choice as Jane in David Yates ' upcoming remake of Edgar Rice Burrough's TARZAN. The rumor originates from The New York Post citing studio sources, but nothing more has been said to substantiate it. The only concrete casting has been Alexander...
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