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SPOILERS: Spider-Man: Homecoming's new costume to harken back to first issue

Again, MINOR SPOILERS from here on out. So if you want to go into the movie completely cold and not read ahead, that's fine. The fact that you got this far means we got your click. Either way, you've been warned! Now, for any real Spider-Man fans, the fact that the new costume will supposedly " harken back to first issue " should already be ringing some...
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Riri Williams will be taking over for Tony Stark as Iron Man

Another of the comics old guard is getting ready to hang up his armor and make way for some diversity in the superhero workplace.  At the end of the current Marvel comic event story arc CIVIL WAR II, Tony Stark will step out of the Iron Man suit with African-American teenager Riri Williams taking his place. Right now Riri has already been introduced as a 15-year-old science...
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Face-Off: Iron Man vs. Batman

In last weeks Face-Off , we showed Michael Bay some love for making his best critically successful film in a while in Pain & Gain, by throwing together match up between The Island and Transformers . The Island ultimately took the verdict with many of our readers praising the cast and the effort that was put into the story. This week, it's the wonderful world of Marvel going head to...
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