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Top 10 Questions We Have After Seeing the Star Wars: The Last Jedi Teaser

Last week saw the debut of the first teaser for STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI. Much like the first footage of THE FORCE AWAKENS, this teaser has led to many more questions than answers. Fans around the world are now smacking their lips in anticipation for Rian Johnson's film and theorizing wildly about what this two minutes of footage will actually mean. Here is our ranking of the ten biggest...
6 days ago
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Top 10 Heist Movies of the 21st Century

Today sees the release of the eighth film in the FAST AND FURIOUS franchise. While the series has become about more than cars, at the film's core in an elaborate heist. Over the decades, heist films have enjoyed great success in Hollywood and the last seventeen years have been no exception. Looking just at the 21st century, here is our ranking of the ten best heist films. If you disagree with...
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Top 10 Stephen King Movies of All Time

Stephen King is one of the most successful authors of all time. His novels and short stories have inspired dozens of feature films and television series. Two of his most beloved works, IT and THE DARK TOWER, are poised to kick start new franchises this year. With the buzz surrounding the first trailer for IT this past week, we took a look at the film works inspired by King and ranked the ten...
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Top 10 Movies To Watch Before Seeing Ghost in the Shell

GHOST IN THE SHELL hits theaters today and audiences are likely divided into two camps: those familiar with the original manga and anime series and those who have no clue why a body suit clad Scarlett Johansson is kicking robot ass. Well, we are here to help with a list of the ten films and television series you should watch before heading to the theater for Rupert Sanders' bug budget science...
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Top 10 Kids Shows From The 1990s That Would Make Awesome Movies

POWER RANGERS hits theaters today and moves the remake train from the realm of 80s television (TRANSFORMERS, G.I. JOE) into the 1990s. There were a lot of great series for kids in the last decade of the 20th century, many of which are prime for big screen adaptations. Here is our ranking of the ten television shows from the 1990s that could make for some stellar cinematic fun. You may disagree...
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Top 10 Disney Musicals of All Time

Disney continues their slew of live action remakes of their classic animated films with BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, which opens today. Unlike recent adaptations like CINDERELLA and THE JUNGLE BOOK, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST is a full musical. Disney has a long history with successful musicals, both live action and animated. Here is our ranking of Disney's best musical films. Some may be familiar and...
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Top 10 Comic Books That Should Become R-Rated Movies

The success of DEADPOOL ushered in the new era of R-rated comic book movies but last week's release of LOGAN cemented their viability for movie studios. Now, films that have struggled to make it to the big screen because of their graphic content have a renewed chance at life. Here is our ranking of ten comic books that deserve the big screen treatment. Some of which may be easy choices but...
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Top 10 Movies To Watch Before Seeing Logan

LOGAN opens today and heralds Hugh Jackman's last appearance as the iconic Wolverine. Critics are already hailing LOGAN as one of the best comic book films of all time which comes partially from the fact it is unlike your traditional superhero film. With that in mind, here is a listing of ten films that inspired LOGAN or which share thematic similarities to help get you into the mindset for...
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Top 10 Actors Who Could Replace Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

A week before release, LOGAN is already one of the most critically acclaimed comic book adaptations of all time. But, it is a bittersweet reminder that this is also the last time we will see Hugh Jackman play Wolverine on the big screen. With the X-Men universe still plugging along, it will only be a matter of time before the character is played by a new actor. With the future in mind, here is...
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Top 10 Movie Hospitals You Would Never Want To Be Admitted To

A CURE FOR WELLNESS hits theaters today and unveils a new terrifying medical clinic to haunt the nightmares of any person who gets a cough or runny nose. Turning places of healing into horrible settings for films of all genres has been a hallmark of Hollywood since the early days of film. There are tons of films about evil and malicious doctors and their mad experiments, but this ranking puts...
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Top 10 Movie Gun Fights of All Time

JOHN WICK roars back into theaters this weekend with a second chapter of badass gunplay and action sequences. With that in mind, we have compiled our ranking of the ten greatest gun fights ever put to film. Keep in mind that a gun fight necessitates a gun so movies featuring hand to hand combat with a couple of bullets mixed in for good measure didn't quite make the cut. These are literal...
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Top 10 Threequels of All Time

Third films in franchises rarely get any credit because sequels unfortunately don't always live up to their predecessors. Often the third movie gets a bad rap because what the filmmakers tried to do with the second film could not be replicated in the third. But, in rare occassions, the third film can be better than the movies that came before it. Here is our ranking of the best threequels of...
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