Marvel and Funko unveil lots of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 figures

Hello, my name is Steve and I have a Funko Pop! addiction. Seriously, I currently own a total of over 150 of those adorable vinyl figures and I don’t plan of curbing my habit anytime this century. If you’re like me, you’ll be very excited to learn that today, The Marvel Collector Corps site unveiled a first-look at the upcoming army of Dorbz, Plushies, Rock Candy,...
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Transformers: The Last Knight wraps, releases trailer tease

TRANSFORMERS isn't going away anytime soon. With each movie making gazillions of dollars here and overseas, and with the recent announcement of a TRANSFORMERS cinematic universe (with a BUMBLEBEE solo movie coming soon), it looks like we better get used to our giant robot overlords. Anyway, here's a teaser for the new film THE LAST KNIGHT, which incorporates King Arthur and...
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New Max Steel poster released to keep reminding people that it exists

MAX STEEL is a thing that is happening, whether we like it or not. Based on an action figure line from Mattel in the early '00s that no one remembers, the movie is blasting its way onto the big-screen. Obviously a potential franchise starter, the film follows the eponymous Max Steel as he finds some sort of alien-suit-GUYVER bullshit and fights aliens or something. He also has an...
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I Want That: Mondo's The Iron Giant deluxe figure

If there were ever a reason to scrimp and save to be able to purchase something related to one of the great animated movies of our time, it’s now. Mondo will release a deluxe figure based on the movie THE IRON GIANT, we have some great images of the figure as well as the release date and cost. Mondo has announced that the deluxe figure will retail for $300, and be available...
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Awfully Good: Dolly Dearest + Dracula vs. Frankenstein (Video)

Before there was ANNABELLE, there was...Chucky. Then some other killer doll movies. But after that there was totally... Dolly Dearest (1991) Director: Maria Lease Stars: Denise Crosby, Rip Torn, Sam Bottoms A family moves to Mexico to open a toy factory next to a recently unearthed satanic tomb. WHAT COULD GO WRONG? DOLLY DEAREST was...
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Hasbro properties Monopoly, Hungry Hungry Hippos, and Action Man are now actively in the works

Hasbro's hopes for their next three toy-to-movie endeavors Hating on BATTLESHIP, Hasbro's last big screen effort, is about as easy as fitting a round peg into a round hole. So I'll skip the usual banter with myself about BATTLESHIP's dubious contributions to anything at all positive in the world and get straight to it: Hasbro is back, and the battle for your wallets begins in...
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