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Get Shorty gets the TV show treatment as well

Wait, another film turning into a TV show? At this point no movie would surprise me. A MRS. DOUBTFIRE show? Sure. A PULP FICTION anthology series? Bet there's already been a discussion. A TWELVE MONKEYS series? Shit, that's already a show! Now, to be fair, I can see GET SHORTY working as a show moreso than others. For instance, the whole conceit of the film and upcoming show is...
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Prepare for more mutants in the first trailer for new X-Men show The Gifted

Superheroes are expanding from the silver screen to the small one, with DC and Marvel both rolling out tons of shows on The CW (DC) and Netflix (Marvel). Now Fox is entering the race in a big way, throwing us into new areas of the X-Men universe with LEGION and their newest show, THE GIFTED. The first trailer dropped for the latter last night, and some mutant action is certainly...
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Yes another movie is getting a TV adaptation, this time it's Boondock Saints

So, like it says in the headline, THE BOONDOCK SAINTS are indeed getting their own TV show. We can add that to the list of the growing sub-genre that includes 12 MONKEYS, LETHAL WEAPON, and the recently concluded BATES MOTEL. They even got the original writer director Troy Duffy on board! What's strange, though, is that it's called BOONDOCK SAINTS: ORIGIN, which...
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The Defenders are going down in new viral promo

All of the Marvel characters that make up The Defenders – Daredevil, ( Charlie Cox ), Jessica Jones ( Krysten Ritter ), Luke Cage (Mike Colter) and Iron Fist (Finn Jones) – have gotten their solo outings, and are finally ready to form the super team of super friends this fall. We still have a way to go before we see any footage of the program, but that doesn’t mean we...
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Comedy Central announces most best satirical talk show, The President Show

Say what you will about President Trump (ah, it burns!), but he stands as one of the most impersonated people on the planet, even before his election. He’s right up there with Arnold Schwarzenegger , George W. Bush, Sylvester Stallone and drunk David Hasselhoff. Now all the satirizing will reach a whole new level as Comedy Central has announced a new talk show focused on the...
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Vice creates its own streaming service and Springbreakers will now be a show

So yet another bullshit streaming device is coming out of the woodwork to hurt my wallet and tempt me to start torrenting shit again. This time it's from Vice Entertainment, and it will be called Blackpills . However, having said all that, there's an interesting line-up of talent and show premises debuting on the service. Some of the more intriguing ones are a...
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The sun may be setting for Glenn Howerton on It's Always Sunny

**SPOILERS FOR THE SEASON 12 FINALE OF IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY** IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA is a perfect example of an American success story. The show almost wasn’t renewed after the first season, but the show about a narcissistic, depraved and crass group of friends has just wrapped up its 12th season, giving us Kitten Mittens, The Nightman vs. The Dayman and...
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Power Rangers TV Spots show some new footage, possibly solves Rita mystery

So the release of POWER RANGERS is just a month away, and the onslaught of advertisements has finally begun. Now, I know many of you are skeptical of this reboot, but I've been all in since the first trailer, and the new ones just keep getting goofier, more over-top, and - most importantly -  fun. I'm honestly hoping for the best. But for those on the fence, here's...
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Star Trek Discovery finds more crewmates

STAR TREK DISCOVERY is taking STAR TREK back where it really belongs: television. While there have been some unfortunate bumps in the road (like the loss of original showrunner Bryan Fuller), it seems things are now set on course. We've already had some casting announcements, like that of Sonequa Martin-Green, Michelle Yeoh , and Doug Jones . Now we can a few more to our...
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Two new featurettes released for Powerless

With NBC's superhero workplace sitcom POWERLESS premiering in just two days, the channel has released a couple featurettes featuring the cast talking about " DC's first comedy ".  So, here's your standard "First Look" that gives us our clearest look at the show yet (and also a pretty funny sight gag with Vanessa Hudgens...
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Matt Reeves and Ridley Scott team up for vampire show The Passage

Growing up as a Goth, it always surprises people when I tell them I was never into vampires. I don't know why, but they just never really appealed to me. I enjoyed them when they were used well (like in INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE), or in action films (like BLADE or UNDERWORLD); however, considering the vast amount of vampire fiction out there, that isn't saying much. One of...
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Taken prequel TV show gets new trailer

So we just talked about how Liam Neeson will no longer be playing badass dad Bryan Mills in any TAKEN sequels , as well as the fact that there is a prequel TV show is on the way . Well, now we get to see footage of that new show with a new trailer sent by NBC. Let's take a look, shall we: Um...what? Did they really have to do another fridged wife to give...
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