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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 hits us with its best shot with new TV spot

It's surprising to think that the most highly anticipated superhero team movie this year is a sequel to a movie based on a comic book line that no one (besides really obsessive fans) have heard of, and not, you know, the other one . It just goes to show what a good script, fun characters, and color can do for a movie. Who'da thunk it? Anyway, with GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY...
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Rogue One TV spot teases new footage; trailer coming Thursday

If you've been checking out the sports happenings in Rio lately, you might've caught the following TV spot for ROGUE ONE. While most of it does involve the Olympics, there are actually a few brief clips showcasing all new footage! How do you like them space apples?!? However, the big news is that a new trailer will be hitting THIS THURSDAY! Check out the announcement below! How...
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A new Hercules TV Spot has Dwayne Johnson off to do something foolish

We have a new, extended TV spot for director Brett Ratner ’s HERCULES starring the beast that is Dwayne Johnson . If you enjoy the classic myth tale of Hercules, then you’re probably up for the action-packed "revisionist take" about the famous twelve labors. I’ve never found it to be that entertaining, but this movie looks ridiculous enough to check out....
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New international trailer and television spot for Gareth Edwards' Godzilla

A new international trailer and television spot for GODZILLA have surfaced online, and both feature some impressive new footage from Warner Bros. and Legendary's upcoming film. The TV spot is pretty much just a shorter version of the new international trailer, but you should check them both out. "Oh no, they say he's got to go, go go Godzilla!"...
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Haven't gotten enough of The Expendables 2? Then check out these new TV spots (with quotes!)

THE EXPENDABLES 2 exploded into theaters last weekend, became the number one film in the country, and effectively sated the nostalgic hunger of those raised on the action films of the 80s and 90s. Never has it been so much fun to see old badasses getting back to what they do best. So if you've itching for more Expendables (or simply haven't seen it yet), then get a load of these...
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