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Review: Cold Comes The Night

PLOT : Chloe is a motel owner who tries desperately to support her daughter during a financially tough time. Things get complicated when a nearly blind stranger forces her to help him on a search for stolen cash. The stakes are higher when her part-time married "partner" who is a full-time crooked cop may be involved. REVIEW : One common complaint with movies lately is a bloated...
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Bryan Cranston threatens Alice Eve in the trailer for Cold Comes the Night

I remember hearing about Bryan Cranston boarding COLD COMES THE NIGHT some time back, however until today I completely forgot about it. A trailer for the flick has hit and it looks like a decent thriller. One thing that I couldn't shake as soon as I saw Cranston's character, Russian accent or not, was Heisenberg. Those who watch BREAKING BAD will understand why. What really...
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