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Universal sets Gears of War in motion with Shane Salerno writing the script

With decades of sub-par video game adaptations behind us, we're still awaiting that elusive film which will break the so-called video game movie curse. That hasn't stopped Hollywood from attempting to exploit a large variety of popular video game properties, including Microsoft's Gears of War franchise. New Line Cinema picked up the rights to make a Gears of War movie ten...
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Universal sets their sights on Madonna biopic Blonde Ambition

It always strikes me as a little strange when studios begin developing biopics for people who are still alive, but there have been plenty of great biopics released when their subjects were still with us, so what the heck do I know? Universal seems to have set their sights on putting together a biopic featuring Madonna as THR has reported that the studio has picked up a script by...
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New international The Mummy trailer reveals tons of new footage

In a weird way, I'm rooting for the new MUMMY reboot. While I loved the first two Brenden Fraser outings (seriously, where has he been?), I also really love the idea of a Universal Monster Cinematic Universe. I know I've given studios the business for their addiction to "cinematic universes" often on this site before, but I honestly feel the Universal Monsters could be an exception, as...
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Universal snags Sci-Fi thriller Extinction with Michael Pena set to star

It's been announced today that ANT-MAN co-star and all around charming individual, Michael Pena , has been cast in the Ben Young directed alien invasion Sci-Fi Thriller EXTINCTION for Universal. In the film, Pena will portray a man suffering from persistent nightmares of losing his family. Then, when the planet is invaded by a formidable alien force, Pena's character will...
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Universal and Microsoft are developing a Gears of War movie

Over the past two decades Hollywood has attempted to develop a video-game movie which is both critically and commercially successful, but so far they haven't had much luck, not that it stops them from trying. The latest adaptation to be added to the pile will be based on the popular third-person shooter franchise which chronicles humanity's battle against the Locust Horde, Gears...
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Eric Heisserer talks inspiration for Van Helsing, shared monster universe

With Universal’s monster movie universe in development many have been wondering what monsters will get their time to shine, and what exactly will their modern interpretations be. Will the Wolfman use leave-in conditioner? Will Dracula suffer with diabetes? Will Frankenstein finally find a hat that fits? We do not know—until now. Well, sort of. I just did the whole...
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Universal sets a release date for Wicked in December of 2019

The odds are pretty good that you're fully aware of Wicked and it's onslaught of catchy songs, but in case you're not, the show is a re-telling of THE WIZARD OF OZ, told from the perspective of the witches. There's been talk about a film for half a decade now, but it looks like Universal is finally ready to commit. WICKED will hit theaters on December 20, 2019 . The film will be...
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Dwayne Johnson to launch Universal's Robert Ludlum Cinematic Universe

Collectively, the Jason Bourne film franchise has grossed over $1.2 billion worldwide, which is probably why a cinematic universe is in the works based on author Robert Ludlum's non-Bourne novels. THR has learned that Universal has joined forces with screenwriter James Vanderbilt (ZODIAC, THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN), Mythology Entertainment's Brad Fischer and William...
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Tom Hooper to direct film adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Cats

Andrew Lloyd Webber's Cats is heading to the big screen. The word from Variety is that Tom Hooper (LES MISERABLES, THE DANISH GIRL) has been set to direct and produce a film adaptation of the long-running musical for Universal and Working Title. Hooper will also produce the project with Debra Hayward, and Tim Bevan and Eric Fellner from Working Title. Based on T.S....
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2016 Universal Pictures Preview

Universal Pictures led the charge in 2015, raking in $2.4 billion at the domestic box office with mega champs like FURIOUS 7, JURASSIC WORLD, and yep, MINIONS. PITCH PERFECT 2, FIFTY SHADES OF GREY, and STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON were also big winners for the studio and although there are no sequels to any of those films in 2016, there's still plenty to choose from, with notables being Duncan...
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Sofia Coppola reveals why she dropped out of Universal's The Little Mermaid

Last year Sofia Coppola signed on to direct Universal's live-action adaptation of THE LITTLE MERMAID, however, the following summer she departed the project due to " creative differences. " I'd love if we could come up with a new term for that. The Wrap caught up with Sofia Coppola for an interview about A VERY MURRAY CHRISTMAS and the director elaborated...
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Universal courting Ryan Gosling for Damien Chazelle's Neil Armstrong biopic

Damien Chazelle and Ryan Gosling 's first collaboration will be witnessed in the upcoming LA LA LAND, a modern take on the Hollywood musical which stars Ryan Gosling as a jazz pianist and Emma Stone as the aspiring actress he falls in love with. Their working relationship must have been fruitful as Deadline is reporting that Universal is courting the actor to work with...
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