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Stranger Things Season 2 reveals cast photo, officially begins production

Cold take: STRANGER THINGS is amazing. It has charming leads (both children and adult), with tantalizing mysteries and the ability to be funny, scary, emotional, and everything in-between. Also, unlike something like SUPER 8, it was able to take the feeling of an Spielberg-ian adventure, without actually aping one. It is definitely its own thing, taking...
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Review: Upside Down

PLOT : In this futuristic interplanetary tale, a forbidden romance blossoms between a wealthy professional and a lower-class inventor. Their relationship is made all the more complicated since they are from different planets both of which are connected in this bizarre solar system with opposing gravitational pull. REVIEW : UPSIDE DOWN is a ridiculously beautiful film. Two planets...
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Gravity is no match for the love between Kirsten Dunst and Jim Sturgess in this trailer for Upside Down

Adam ( Jim Sturgess ) and Eden ( Kirsten Dunst ) have it rough. Adam and the Garden of Eden-- Get it? Okay well, this twisted tale of tortured love has one tremendous obstacle-- gravity. Aside from the biblical references, there's also the old tale of boy from the wrong side of the tracks loving the girl from the upper class, except again, the tracks here equal gravity. They're...
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