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Joel McHale is reportedly in talks to star in Valiant's Quantum and Woody

Word has come down the wire that THE SOUP and COMMUNITY funnyman Joel McHale is in talks to join QUANTUM AND WOODY, the forthcoming superhero adventure television series that hails from the Valiant Comics universe. Spearheading the project are none other than Joe and Anthony Russo of Marvel film fame, who will bring their expertise in comic-to-screen adventure...
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Dave Bautista says he's "really excited" about Valiant's Eternal Warrior

It won't be long before more comic book publishers aim to create their own cinematic universes on the big screen. That's right, soon the "Big 2" will have to share box office space with Valiant Comics; and I wouldn't be surprised if indie comic labels Image, BOOM, and Young Animal were right behind them. Oh man, just the thought of comic book...
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Valiant's Shadowman to be helmed by House Party director Reginald Hudlin

So I guess the Valiant Cinematic Universe is indeed going to be a real thing. After the debut of those pics for the NINJAK VS. THE VALIANT UNIVERSE series , I thought it was for sure this endeavor was dead in the water - like the filmmakers realized that their ambitions were too lofty for their means. However, that doesn't seem to be the case, as one of the first films in the...
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Valiant comic-book covers reveal first look at live-action designs

As has been reported before, Valiant comics are getting into the cinematic universe game , however it seems that maybe they have set their goals a bit more modestly. Now it will be a video series, called NINJAK VS. THE VALIANT UNIVERSE. It will be about:  " Colin King in his role as Ninjak, MI-6’s most dangerous intelligence operative and weapons expert. When...
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NYCC 2016: Valiant Panel: Ninjak vs. the Valiant Universe and more

Not be left behind in the comics-to-cinema boom, the award-winning publisher of books like Harbinger, Imperium, Archer & Armstrong, and Faith, Valiant Comics, have got something special to share with New York City Comic Con guests! Heading up a first-look at footage from Valiant’s forthcoming NINJAK VS. THE VALIANT UNIVERSE six-part live-action series was panel...
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Top 10 Comic Book Events of 2013

With the state of film being taken over by everything comic books, we thought it might be fun to take a look at some of the bigger events going on in a garden variety of books on the stands this past year. While we certainly can't cover every single awesome comic book out there in a Top Ten, we can highlight some of the events that helped shape some familiar (and unfamiliar) comic book...
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J. Michael Straczynski to adapt Valiant's Shadowman for the big screen

Valiant Entertainment is teaming up with producer Sean Daniels (THE MUMMY) and screenwriter J. Michael Straczynski to bring their comic property SHADOWMAN to the big screen.  The character has been around for a good while, being one of the key players in the Valiant universe back in it's heyday of the '90's, and is about to debut in a new series with the recently relaunched...
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