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New Rocky Horror Picture Show trailer includes audience participation

We've only managed to catch little tastes of Fox's remake of THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW that is set to hit network television in time for Halloween. Fox has been playing this fairly close to the vest thus far, but they've opened up the doors to Frankenstein Place a little wider for us to see what's going on inside. And it's... a bit strange? Stranger than even the...
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Review: Fun Size

PLOT: High school senior Wren (Victoria Justice) canít believe her luck when the schoolís resident stud invites her to his Halloween bash. Alas, her plans go awry when her cougar mother- Joy (Chelsea Handler) leaves her in charge of her uncontrollable brother- the pint size Albert (Jackson Nicoll), who quickly flies the coop while trick rí treating. Now Wren, with her best...
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