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What's old is new again as Activision releases Call of Duty: WWII trailer

So the CALL OF DUTY series is doing something bold and new! It's going to be set in World War II! Like, uh, the first games, and...hmmm. Really breaking the mold there, Activision. Anyway, here's a trailer for the new game, titled CALL OF DUTY: WWII. Let's take a look: Actually, I think I was being unfair earlier, because despite its seeming lack of...
2 days ago
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New Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days videogame trailer released

Now, I like to consider myself a hopeful person. I don't always groan when a sequel, reboot, or remake is announced, and always hope for the best. Same goes for videogame adaptation of movies. Sure, most are shit (and some are considered the worst games ever, like E.T.), but I'm always hopeful. Hell, the RIDDICK games are better than the movies! So it's with that open...
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Star Wars: Battlefront II reveals new cinematic trailer

I remember playing STAR WARS: BATTLEFRONT on PS2 and just spending all my time murdering Ewoks or crashing ships (not on purpose, I just wasn't very good). I also remember playing with my brother on the same team, which was kind of rare in the post-CONTRA days of gaming. I always appreciate games where you can work together, as I'm not much of a competitive person (and also my...
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Wubalubadubdub! Rick and Morty VR game Virtual Rick-ality on the way!

RICK AND MORTY is amazing. It's probably my favorite show on the air at the moment. It's of course hilarious, but it also has a heart, with characters you care about who grow and learn. I mean, its heart is admittedly pretty dark and unfeeling at times, but that's what gives the show its unique charm. And the season 3 premiere on April Fool's Day (brilliant in its own...
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Flash gameplay trailer released for upcoming DC fighting game Injustice 2

I remember playing INJUSTICE at Comic-Con before it came out, picking Batman and whomping on some guy playing Superman. The controls were responsive, animations fluid, and it was just plain fun to play. I ended up playing it more once my friend bought it, but that first match might've been a fluke, as I constantly got my ass kicked afterward. But you know what? It was still fun as...
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Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters VR: Now Hiring releases new, fun teaser

I have high hopes for VR. While right now it seems to be a bit of a novelty (with some notable exceptions), I think this is the closest we've been to actually making VR a viable, consumer product. And next stop, HOLODECK! ...anyway. A new VR game GHOSTBUSTERS VR: NOW HIRING is coming out, where you get to play as a newly hired Ghostbuster. This is similar to the plot of the...
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Brutal trailer unleashed for Friday the 13th: The Game

So it looks like while the FRIDAY THE 13TH film franchise is currently dead in the water, the series is going to continue in videogame form with FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE GAME. Now, this won't be the first FRIDAY THE 13TH videogame , but it's the first one where you get to play as Jason himself. Anyway, here's a trailer that premiered at PAX East: Well, that...
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Good news, everyone! A new Futurama game is on the way!

So, there's a new FUTURAMA game on the way . This wouldn't be the first time the Planet Express crew was in a videogame , though that one was released 14(!) years ago, and was met with middling-to-poor reviews. This next one will hopefully be better though, presumably with Black Jack and hookers! The new game will be called FUTURAMA: WORLDS OF TOMORROW, and will be a...
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Mass Effect: Andromeda drops new cinematic trailer

Now, I'm not much of a gamer. I've said it before, but when you have the motor skills of a paraplegic baby, and the temperament of one too, games are not your thing. But I love the art of videogames - not just aesthetically, or even their stories necessarily - but mainly in the way games embed their mechanics for interactivity and world exploring. And almost no...
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Mark Wahlberg decides to unchart the Uncharted videogame adaptation

UNCHARTED has been a cursed production. At one point it seemed to be on its way, with David O. Russell and Mark Wahlberg  simultaneously attached. After Russell left, Shawn Levy came on board, with a supposedly awesome screenplay by SMOKIN' ACES director Joe Carnahan (who called it an "anti-Indy" movie), while Wahlberg stayed attached as Nathan Drake, the...
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Guardians of the Galaxy to be next Telltale game

Huh. After producing their BATMAN game, it seems that Telltale is intent on creating more comic-book adventures, this time switching from DC to Marvel to make a game based off of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. Like all Telltale games, it will be like a more intense "choose-your-own adventure" story, which will unfold in five parts (or episodes). Here's a teaser trailer for...
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New trailer unveiled for Hideo Kojima's weird ass game Death Stranding

I wrote a draft of this article that was all "oh my God, what the f*ck is this?" and "looks like what  David Lynch  would direct after binging-watching anime high on bath salts and depression". But I won't. I think the images in the trailer are beautiful and thought-provoking, and a marvel to look at. And while I can't suss out what they mean,...
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