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Kong: Skull Island releases new international trailer

You know, I was pretty iffy about news of yet another remake of KING KONG. While I am a huge defender of Peter Jackson 's 2005 remake (it's just so much fun!) I didn't think the story needed to be revisited again. I still have that belief for the most part, but it can't be denied that the last trailer for KONG: SKULL ISLAND was pretty damn epic . Also news that Kong...
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Face-Off: Zero Dark Thirty vs. Apocalypse Now

In last weeks Face-Off , we paid tribute to the late David R. Ellis in a match up between Snakes on a Plane and The Final Destination . Snakes ultimately one the final verdict, and our readers happened to agree. This week, the theme is search and destroy. In these two films, the US have targeted men they have deemed evil enough to track down and exterminate. These two films are...
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