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Michael Keaton & Patrick Wilson talk about their roles as comic villains

With superhero and comic-book movies being more and more prevalent than ever before, it's no surprise when actors who have played - or are going to play - comic-book characters are in the same movie together. It used to be a novelty, like when you realized The Joker and The Penguin were in ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST, while now the entire main cast of AMERICAN HUSTLE...
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New York Comic Con! Best of Collectibles gallery!

New York City Comic Con 2014 is now officially over, and the folks who set up kiosks on the show floor have enjoyed you and your wallets thoroughly! Looking around, there is no doubt that many of the sellers who stock sweet toys, figures, and statues, came armed to the teeth and were ready to sell you their fine wares. They've had it all: Batman, Alien, Gundam, Firefly, Harry Potter; the...
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Warner Bros. developing Gotham City origin tale with Mentalist creator

This just in-- Warner Bros. is currently developing a series based on the origins of Gotham City, to be more specific, Commissioner James Gordon. The series titled GOTHAM begins with Gordon who is, "still a detective with the Gotham City Police Department and has yet to meet Batman, who will not be part of the series. The Gordon character was introduced in 1939 in the very first...
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Top 10 Villains Benedict Cumberbatch Should Play!

Benedict Cumberbatch is by far the highlight of STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS. He plays the villain so well that it begs the question: why doesn't he play the bad guy in everything? Apart from his role of Smaug the dragon in THE HOBBIT: THE DESOLATION OF SMAUG later this year, Cumberbatch's upcoming roles seem to lean a little more positive. So, here are ten film bad guys that he would be perfect...
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Cool Videos: Supercut Tuesday! Watch the IMDb Top 250 in 2.5 minutes! Also the 101 greatest movie villains of all time!

Ah, my old friend the supercut. Nothing is more enjoyable than watching a video montage based on a theme. I don't think there is a movie supercut I have seen that didn't make my day. Here, we have two supercuts. Both are fun viewing for very different reasons. The first one is a supercut comprising all of the IMDb Top 250. In just two and a half minutes, you get a look at every...
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