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WarGames is being brought back as an interactivie digital short

Don't ask me what is going on with that WARGAMES remake, because I don't know. MGM certainly had plans to make it at one point, but maybe they realized that updating these 80s Cold War movies is easier said than done (i.e. RED DAWN) and have elected to move on. If so, then their new announcement for WARGAMES makes a hell of a lot of sense, with Interlude and MGM Television partnering...
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For better or worse the WarGames remake has a writer and director

The 80s are hot today! First we had the news that Shane Black will write and direct the reboot of PREDATOR ; and now WARGAMES is relevant again with the long-gestating reboot finally moving forward with a writer and director. MGM is overseeing the remake, which isn’t a surprise considering the studio remade ROBOCOP, CARRIE, and RED DAWN. They have hired Dean Israelite to...
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Watch List: Catch these movies on Netflix before they expire on January 1st

For those of you with a little time off for the holidays, you might want to catch up with some movies on Netflix before returning to the real world. Thanks to Vulture, we have a list of films that will be expiring on January 1st. There's a lot of good ones here so you might want to spend the weekend vegging out before these titles disappear. Here's something important to note:...
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Movie Jail: This week's defendant is...Matthew Broderick!

This is Movie Jail, a unique maximum security prison that houses some of the worst writers, directors, actors and producers from Hollywood and beyond. Their crimes? The offenses vary from convict to convict but most of these inmates have contributed negatively to the film world to some capacity and his or her misdeeds have covered a long enough period of time that the authorities had...
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