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Cool Videos: Batman and Wonder Woman watch Thor: Ragnarok trailer

I think the whole DC vs. Marvel rivalry is pretty dumb. I mean, come on, 99.9% of fans enjoy characters from both companies, even if they may have a preference. But to have such brand loyalty that you can't see the faults in their movies, or to see the greatness in the other's, seems like a waste of time. I know I've given the DCCU the business many, many times on this site,...
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New Beautiful Creatures featurette wants to fill the Twilight void in your heart

Look, it's easy to compare BEAUTIFUL CREATURES to Twilight, seeing as how both are based on teen fiction fantasy series that involve supernatural happenings getting all up in the grill of Young Love, and especially with writer/director Richard LaGravenese saying in the below featurette that it's "an adventure, but, most of all, a love story". That said, let's look at a few things the film...
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