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Sony and Ubisoft to bring PS4 game Watch Dogs to the big screen

While Sony announced today that their Playstation 4 console would be available November 15th, it was a little surprising to learn that one of their launch games, WATCH DOGS, would be getting the big screen treatment. An open world game similar to GRAND THEFT AUTO, WATCH DOGS looks to push the boundaries of the next generation of video game technology with amazing graphics and gameplay....
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Ubisoft announces plans for film versions of Watch Dogs, Far Cry and Rabbids

Video game publisher and developer Ubisoft announced plans a while ago for film adaptations of ASSASSIN'S CREED, SPLINTER CELL and GHOST RECON. Michael Fassbender is still attached to ASSASSIN'S CREED, as is Tom Hardy for SPLINTER CELL and it was just announced a couple of days ago that Michael Bay might develop the GHOST RECON film. But apparently Ubisoft has plans for...
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