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Ben Kingsley, Anthony Hopkins & Felicity Jones join thriller Autobahn

Two brilliant actors and one very sexy actress have been cast in an upcoming thriller called AUTOBAHN from WELCOME TO THE PUNCH director Eran Creevy . Production on the film will start on Monday, and THR has learned Ben Kingsley , Anthony Hopkins and Felicity Jones have joined the project. They will star alongside Nicholas Hoult , who has been attached to AUTOBAHN since...
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This Week in Blu-ray / DVD Releases: Pieta, Graceland, Mystery Science Theater 3000 ...

This week: South Korean debauchery with 'Pieta,' Mystery Science Theater brings the snark with Vol. 27, and revisiting an early Ang Lee masterpiece. ► In South Korean director Kim Ki-Duk's PIETA , a sicko hitman who relishes roughing up non-payers gets a change of heart when he meets a...
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Review: Welcome To the Punch

PLOT: Max Lewinsky ( James McAvoy ) is a young cop who’s badly wounded in a showdown with master thief Jacob Sternwood ( Mark Strong ). Years later, Sternwood, who’s living in exile, is forced to come back to Britain when his son is mortally wounded in a heist gone wrong. Lewinsky is hot on his trail, but the two may have a common enemy... REVIEW: WELCOME TO THE PUNCH is...
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Trailer two-fer: Sixty-second spot for The Last Stand and James McAvoy in crime thriller Welcome To the Punch

The fact that this new sixty-second spot for THE LAST STAND reuses many of the same action beats seen in past trailers indicates one of two things to my cynical mind: either we're being flooded with footage from all of the best beats in the hopes of getting audiences into cinemas, or we're being shown just enough to get us excited while most of the best stuff is actually being kept close...
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