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The UnPopular Opinion: Jack Reacher

THE UNPOPULAR OPINION is an ongoing column featuring different takes on films that either the writer HATED, but that the majority of film fans LOVED, or that the writer LOVED, but that most others LOATHED. We're hoping this column will promote constructive and geek fueled discussion. Enjoy! ****SOME SPOILERS ENSUE**** Tom Cruise is an anomaly. Unlike superstars like...
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Werner Herzog talks Pokemon Go and it's just as great as you'd imagine

Pokemon Go has become a cultural phenomenon. As strange as that may have sounded a few months ago, these days it seems as if everyone and their parents have taken to the game that ingeniously uses GPS in order to have folks walk around and capture Pokemon, stock up on items and maybe even be social! Imagine that! Of course, not everyone is hip to catch 'em all, and that includes prolific...
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Werner Herzog has contacted Pamela Anderson about a possible movie role

Besides gracing its cover, Pamela Anderson was also interviewed by James Franco for the final nude issue of Playboy, and during their chat, Anderson said German filmmaker Werner Herzog has reached out to her about possibly appearing in an upcoming movie from the director. Well, first I thought, Holy crap, the man who directed Fitzcarraldo wants to meet with me! We had lunch...
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Review: Queen of the Desert (AFI FEST 2015)

PLOT: The life of Gertrude Bell is examined as she traveled the deserts of the Middle East in the late 1800’s.  As an archaeologist and explorer, she became one of the most influential names in Britain’s history due to her knowledge and contacts made during her dangerous journeys. REVIEW: There is breathtaking beauty within Werner Herzog ’s portrait of...
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Jack Reacher 2 reaches out and grabs a 2016 release date

Get out your calendars, sirs and madams. It's time to circle the date for when the JACK REACHER 2 sequel will be making landfall. Wait... Are they selling 2016 calendars yet? Hmmm... nevermind. In any event, today Paramount announced that you'll be getting JACK REACHER 2 next fall, with the studio planting its flag in October 21, 2016, for the series follow-up...
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Exclusive: Ed Zwick talks Jack Reacher 2 and working with Tom Cruise again

Tom Cruise has been having a hell of a summer with the success of MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE ROGUE NATION, but just a few years back he had a pretty solid run with his Mission director Christopher McQuarrie in JACK REACHER. Based on the Reacher series of books by author Lee Child, JACK REACHER was a decent hit for Cruise and McQuarrie, but not exactly MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE big. However, it...
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Cobie Smulders to star alongside Tom Cruise in Jack Reacher 2

If you've enjoyed Cobie Smulders turn as an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. in Marvel's universe, you're about to see her star alongside one of today's great leading men. Shooting is set to begin in 3 months' time, and word is that director Edward Zwick has chosen Cobie to star alongside Tom Cruise in JACK REACHER 2. The film is said to follow Reacher as he heads back to...
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Tom Cruise to start shooting Jack Reacher 2 with Edward Zwick in November

Lest you feel that Tom Cruise is only devoting sequel time to MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE , it looks like JACK REACHER 2 will begin shooting in November with director Edward Zwick . The first film, written and directed by MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE ROGUE NATION's Christopher McQuarrie , proved to be a modest success and pulled in about $218 million worldwide. Part 2, to be modeled after...
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The Last Samurai director Ed Zwick in talks to helm Jack Reacher 2

Despite only grossing $80 million domestically, critics seemed to like Tom Cruise as the titular character in Christopher McQuarrie 's JACK REACHER. We have heard rumblings of a sequel for a while now but it has been fairly quiet since McQuarrie and Cruise have been making MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE ROGUE NATION. Now, the heat on JACK REACHER is picking up again with a potential...
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24 pieces of awesome filmmaking & life advice from director Werner Herzog

Werner Herzog is one quirky dude, but I love the German filmmaker. How many other Oscar-nominated directors have also starred in a Tom Cruise action flick (JACK REACHER), voiced characters on animated TV series ( The Boondocks , Metalocalypse ), and guest appeared on a hit sitcom ( Parks and Recreation )? The back of the recent Paul Cronin book Werner Herzog - A Guide for...
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First images from Queen of the Desert with James Franco and Nicole Kidman

Werner Herzog is a director with few peers. The German filmmaker has been writing and directing movies for decades and has graced the screen with some of the most astounding films of all time. He has dabbled in narrative, documentary, horror, action, and even more. Hell, Herzog even recently guest-starred on PARKS AND RECREATION and lent his voice to Dreamworks' PENGUINS OF MADAGASCAR....
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Jack Reacher author says Christopher McQuarrie won't be back for next movie

Paramount is moving forward with another JACK REACHER movie, but author Lee Child recently told Empire they'll be doing NEVER GO BACK without director Christopher McQuarrie . McQuarrie is going to be in post-production on Mission: Impossible 5. He just physically can’t do it. It’s going to be a new backroom crew, which I think is good. I thought the...
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