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What did you think of...The Wolverine?

On the whole, most of us agreed that the first stand-alone Wolverine movie, X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE, sucked the bag, so many of our hopes were riding on the James Mangold follow-up entitled simply THE WOLVERINE. Thankfully, at least according to one of our film critics, Chris Bumbray, this version works a lot better, as he points out in his positive 8/10 review . We also...
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What did you think of...Pacific Rim?

We've been stoked about the release of PACIFIC RIM since it was announced a few years ago, mostly because we are huge fans of the man behind the project, Guillermo del Toro, who we consider to be on the forefront of all things awesome in genre movie-making today, but also because....well, heck, the premise sounded amazing! To that end, we've covered it all the way through all...
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What did you think of...World War Z?

We've been writing about the saga behind the scenes of WORLD WAR Z for what seems like years now, but those stories are over for now, the film has been released and we've already provided you with 2 differing takes on the film, one from JimmyO who gave it a 7/10 and enjoyed most of it, and Chris Bumbray's review of 5/10 , in which he praised 2/3 of the film, but didn't...
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What did you think of...A Good Day to Die Hard?

The original DIE HARD movie is one of the best "action movies" of all-time, and certainly one of my favorite movies of all-time (action or otherwise), so we decided to spend this past week kicking all kinds of DIE HARD ass on the site, but alas, it seems as though the "pay-off" ultimtately didn't pay off as both of our reviewers didn't care much for the latest installment called A...
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What did you think of...The Expendables 2?

There were 5 huge "geek out!" movies that opened this summer, all of which we covered the shit out of on this site, including THE AVENGERS , PROMETHEUS, THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN and most recently, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES , but THE EXPENDABLES 2 had a soft spot in my heart, mostly because many of these dudes were actors whose movies I grew up with, and who I'm happy to see still...
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