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Luke Cage's Alfre Woodard joins the cast of Disney's live-action Lion King

Word has come on the wind that Alfre Woodard has been cast in the role of Sarabi, Simba's mother, in Jon Favreau 's live-action adaptation of THE LION KING. You'll likely know Ms. Woodard from her recent performance as (Black) Mariah Dillard on Marvel and Netflix's LUKE CAGE. Upon boarding the heartfelt African lion adventure, Woodard will join...
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Chiwetel Ejiofor in talks to voice Scar in Jon Favreau's Lion King remake

Much like he did for THE JUNGLE BOOK, Jon Favreau is assembling quite the talented group of actors to lend their voices to THE LION KING, the latest of Disney's increasingly long line of live-action adaptations of their classic movies. Although, seeing as how THE LION KING will be mostly CG, perhaps calling it live-action isn't quite appropriate. Just last month it was...
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You need to see the trailer for Charlie Sheen's 9/11 film to believe it

Hollywood has never been shy about exploiting disasters, be they caused by man or nature, but even fifteen years after the events of 9/11, there's still a certain amount of trepidation felt when it comes to movies centered around that tragic day. If there's one person who can be counted upon to lend credibility and thoughtfulness to a film about 9/11, it's...
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UPDATE: Hugh Jackman cast as Scar in Lion King remake

UPDATE: Jackman's reps reached out to The Wrap and said the casting of the actor was purely just rumor, and one with "absolutely no truth" The LION KING remake has possibly found its villainous kitty – and he’s puuuuurrrfect. Omega Underground got word from someone close to the production that Hugh Jackman will lend his voice to the...
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John Oliver to voice Zazu in Jon Favreau's The Lion King

As long as Disney's live-action adaptations of their animated classics keep bringing in the big bucks, the studio will continue their march towards giving every single one of them the live-action twist. One of the many upcoming remakes will be Jon Favreau 's THE LION KING, which will be shot back-to-back with a sequel to THE JUNGLE BOOK. The cast of THE LION KING continues to...
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Whoopi Goldberg & Giancarlo Esposito join ensemble-led comedy Shriver

Word has reached the JoBlo news floor that Content Media has acquired the sales rights to an ensemble comedy project called SHRIVER.  Starring Whoopi Goldberg (GHOST, THE COLOR PURPLE), Giancarlo Espositio (OKJA, BREAKING BAD), Toni Collette (LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE), and Thomas Haden Church (SIDEWAYS, DIVORCE), SHRIVER tells the story of a loner mistaken for a...
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Seth Rogen & Billy Eichner to voice Timon & Pumbaa for The Lion King

"Nants ingonyama bagithi baba (there comes a lion)! Sithi uhhmm ingonyama (oh yes, it's a lion)!" Sorry, I needed to get that out of my system before moving on to the news portion of this article. Actually, wait ... nope, I'm not done yet. I feel another song coming on. Sing this one with me, okay? Are you ready?  "Hakuna Matata! What...
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Jon Favreau shares his approach to remaking The Lion King

Probably one of the most divisive pieces of news to come out the last year or so was the announcement that Jon Favreau would be directing a remake of THE LION KING, utilizing technology used in his JUNGLE BOOK film. Lovers of the original are reasonably worried it could tarnish the legacy of the original, but Favreau has opened up about how is approach is all about pleasing the...
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Beyonce is the top choice to voice Nala in Jon Favreau's The Lion King

As BEAUTY AND THE BEAST continues to rake in those big box-office bucks , Disney continues their march towards giving every one of their animated classics the live-action twist. One of the many upcoming remakes will be Jon Favreau 's THE LION KING, which will be shot back-to-back with a sequel to THE JUNGLE BOOK. Production on THE LION KING will get underway in a few months and...
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Donald Glover to play Simba in The Lion King with James Earl Jones as Mufasa

After surprising audiences with his successful adaptation of Disney's THE JUNGLE BOOK, Jon Favreau quickly added another live-action Disney film to his slate when it was announced that he would give THE LION KING a similar treatment. Favreau will also be tackling a sequel to THE JUNGLE BOOK, which he will be shooting back-to-back with THE LION KING. It's safe to say...
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Jon Favreau will bring The Lion King to life with live-action treatment

The first movie I ever remember loving is THE LION KING. As a child I gravitated to, well, everything. You could say loving that movie is what got me here. Now, in an appropriate example of the Circle of Life, I have lived long enough to report to you that along with CINDERELLA, JUNGLE BOOK and BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, THE LION KING will be the next movie to get the live-action treatment....
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Awfully Good: Star Trek: Nemesis

Before you go BEYOND, let's revisit the movie so bad it killed the last STAR TREK series… Star Trek: Nemesis (2002) Director: Stuart Baird Stars: Patrick Stewart, Tom Hardy, Brent Spiner Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Clone Wars Pretty much everyone agrees that WRATH OF KHAN is the best STAR TREK movie, but fans tend to...
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