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Aquaman writer to pen script for Universal's Creature from the Black Lagoon

Although there are certainly better films to be had in the Universal Monsters franchise, I've got an incredible soft spot for CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON; it's all fantastic, the thrilling underwater sequences, Julie Adams, the repetitive theme music, and, of course, the Creature himself. A remake of the film has been in the works for decades, but due to various delays, none...
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Will Beall talks Aquaman setting and the opening of The Legend of Conan

Screenwriter Will Beall seems to enjoy working with fictional royalty, he's currently penning the script for Jason Momoa 's Atlantean king in AQUAMAN and has, along with Chris Morgan , scripted Arnold Schwarzenegger 's return to the throne in THE LEGEND OF CONAN. Beall recently spoke with /Film about both projects and while he obviously couldn't say much about...
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WB has their own Robin Hood movie in the works, bringing the total to 4

For whatever reason, Robin Hood has become a very hot property. Movies featuring the legendary archer are already in the works at Sony, Disney and Lionsgate, and now Deadline has learned that Warner Bros. is also developing a Robin Hood flick. Details on WB's Robin Hood are being kept under wraps, but Will Beall (AQUAMAN, GANGSTER SQUAD) wrote the script, and Dan Lin (THE LEGO...
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Rumor: Chris Hemsworth offered lead role in Lethal Weapon reboot

There aren't many details at this point, but it appears LETHAL WEAPON might be getting a reboot, and the rumor is Chris Hemsworth has been offered the lead role in the film. Sources have told The Tracking Board it won't be a full reboot though, and "the recent version of the script centers on the desires of an older cop’s son (presumably Riggs’) and...
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More trouble for the Justice League; Will Beall's script reportedly "terrible"

Ah, Warner Bros.  The plight of your superhero stable beyond Batman continues.  Word on the street is now circulating that Will Beall 's script for JUSTICE LEAGUE is being received with less than enthusiastic glee.  Beall, who is coming off the recent "meh" of GANGSTER SQUAD was hired to pen the draft, which has yet to attract any kind of big name talent in the director's...
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Sean Penn to chase his own action franchise with Taken director Pierre Morel's Prone Gunman

It seems that Sean Penn is starting to explore his more commercial side.  Starting with this month's GANGSTER SQUAD, a 1940's-set action pic, the prolific actor is set to tackle the action franchise department with PRONE GUNMAN, based on the novel by Jean-Patrick Manchette "the story centers on an international operative named Martin Terrier (Penn) who is betrayed by the...
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Review: Gangster Squad

PLOT: In post WW2-L.A, a tough but honest cop, John O'Mara ( Josh Brolin ) is tasked by LAPD chief Parker ( Nick Nolte ) to assemble a unit devoted to wiping out gangster Mickey Cohen ( Sean Penn ). REVIEW: GANGSTER SQUAD starts with the oft-used phrase "inspired by true events". In this case, the true events are that Mickey Cohen was a real gangster, and that the LAPD did...
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Six new clips from Gangster Squad showcase crotch-burning violence

GANGSTER SQUAD may be the best movie to be released in January...ever. Usually the dumping ground for crappy studio mistakes, the movie was delayed due to controversy surrounding the Aurora theater shooting but now will have no real competition at the box office. These six new clips showcase the violent core of the movie including Ryan Gosling going all DRIVE on a guy by pouring...
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