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Netflix let David Ayer do whatever he wanted on Bright (Comic Con 2017)

It's likely that by now you've seen the latest trailer for BRIGHT, the weird-as-hell-looking urban crime fantasy horror movie that is, if nothing else, unique-looking. (I'm calling it HARSH TIMES meets HELLBOY 2, myself.) Said trailer was shown to a curious Hall H crowd that wasn't quite sure what to make of the film. And maybe that's not a bad thing? As awesome as...
9 hours ago
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Will Smith enters a world of orcs, elves & fairies in latest Bright trailer

When David Ayer 's BRIGHT was first announced, I wasn't entirely sure what to make of it, after all, a world where magical creatures such as orcs, elves, and fairies live alongside humans from the director of FURY and END OF WATCH didn't exactly strike me as something he'd want to tackle, but little by little, BRIGHT has been winning me over. Will Smith stars as Ward, a human cop who...
10 hours ago
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Jaume Collet-Serra emerges as frontrunner to direct Suicide Squad 2

Although SUICIDE SQUAD may not have wound up being the saviour of the DCEU that we hoped it would be (that honour goes to WONDER WOMAN), there was still plenty of interest in the continuing misadventures of Deadshot ( Will Smith ), Harley Quinn ( Margot Robbie ), Joker ( Jared Leto ), and the rest of their band of merry super-villains. Warner Bros. has spent the past few months...
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Top 10 Movies You Didn't Know Were Based on Comics (Video)

Comic book movies are the hot ticket items that are getting the kids jazzed these days. They’re the bee’s knees, as it were. In fact, they’re the bee’s knees in the cat’s pajamas. Anyway, we all know this applies especially true to movies based on characters like Batman, Captain America, Iron Man and many others. But did you know there are tons of other...
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Joel Kinnaman thinks the Suicide Squad sequel may begin filming next year

Despite David Ayer 's SUICIDE SQUAD remaining as a continued source of consternation for comic book film fans, there's no denying that the villain-led ensemble adventure was a commercial success. It's true. When it comes to the almighty dollar, it simply doesn't matter if you thought the film was poorly edited, or that Jared Leto 's Joker was an affront to the very...
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Chris Pratt thinks Suicide Squad tried to introduce too many characters

Marvel Studios has been fortunate as the public have, by and large, embraced their movies and the many wonderful characters found within; Warner Bros.' DCEU hasn't been quite so lucky, but to be fair, they don't have nearly as many movies under their belt at this point. Still, Marvel's method obviously seems to work and many critics seem to think that Warner Bros. is...
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Will Smith in talks to star in Ang Lee's Gemini Man

Just yesterday it was revealed that Ang Lee (THE LIFE OF PI) was in negotiations to direct GEMINI MAN, a high-concept action thriller from Skydance which has been in and out of development for twenty years. THR reports that the studio is already courting a big name to lead the film as it seems that Will Smith is currently in talks to star in GEMINI MAN. The film follows an...
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Netlfix open to playing their movies in theaters

The atmospheric rise of movie and TV streaming services like Netflix and Hulu has caused many to panic over the future of established institutions – mainly movie theaters. Are they the next Blockbuster Video, doomed to become nothing more than empty buildings for ruffians to graffiti and for the homeless to make their toilet? Probably not, as even Netflix understands that theaters...
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Will Smith in talks to play the Genie in Guy Ritchie's Aladdin

Disney's live-action adaptation of ALADDIN is set to be directed by Guy Ritchie (KING ARTHUR: LEGEND OF THE SWORD) and production is beginning to gear up for a July start, which means that we'll be hearing much more about casting in the coming weeks, but most people have been wondering who Ritchie will choose as the Genie. It will certainly be tough for anyone to follow in the...
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Batman and Harley Quinn animated feature, characters & plot details revealed

Whoa, what? How is it that I'm just now discovering that there's a BATMAN AND HARELY QUINN animated feature on the way? I mean really, this stuff doesn't usually sneak past my radar. I am so confused, right now. Oh well, I suppose I should get used to my girl Harley Quinn making it into the big leagues after the release and success of David Ayer 's SUICIDE...
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Top 10 Singers or Musicians Who Became Famous Actors (video)

The leap from music success to acting stardom seems like a natural one nowadays. Being on a stage and captivating a crowd requires charisma and showmanship, which can translate well into a film career. Plus, it helps that most famous musicians are gorgeous, which checks off about ten items on the “movie star requirements” checklist. So many musicians have crossed over into...
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The Shallows' Jaume Collet-Serra latest name rumored for Suicide Squad 2

I think everyone's still kind of in shock that Mel Gibson is a name being tossed around for SUICIDE SQUAD 2, and while him directing seems like a long shot, it sounds like we have a new contender that's more DC's speed. On the latest episode of Popcorn Talk Network's Meet the Movie Press, hosts Jeff Sneider and Simon Thompson bring up a rumored name that hasn't been mentioned yet,...
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