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SPOILERS: Spider-Man: Homecoming's new costume to harken back to first issue

Again, MINOR SPOILERS from here on out. So if you want to go into the movie completely cold and not read ahead, that's fine. The fact that you got this far means we got your click. Either way, you've been warned! Now, for any real Spider-Man fans, the fact that the new costume will supposedly " harken back to first issue " should already be ringing some...
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Cool Videos: Watch all 84 Best Picture winners in this beautiful montage

In what is shaping up to be the most wide open Best Picture category in a long time, this Sunday's Academy Awards promises to be one of the more entertaining shows in a long time. The ceremony will benefit from host Seth MacFarlane bringing a snark to the usually dry event. But, remember that the Oscars have been around for 85 years and in that time we have seen some surprises...
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