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Cool Videos: Jimmy Fallon gets fitted for a wand at Ollivander's

Jimmy Fallon decided to take his show to Orlando, FL for a few days this summer to enjoy a few of Universal Orlando's great attractions, as well as to check out the new Harry Potter expansion opening on July 8 . Diagon Alley is home to many wizarding shops, and perhaps the most famous would Ollivander's Wand Shop. It would be criminal to go all the way there and not be chosen...
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Harry Potter's Diagon Alley will open at Universal Orlando on July 8th!

If you've had the good fortune of visiting Universal Orlando's Islands of Adventure over the past four years, then you most likely saw the newest addition to the park, Hogsmeade Village, from the Harry Potter universe. While Disney and Universal have had some healthy competition in regards to their theme parks, Universal really stepped up their game when creating Hogsmeade Village, and...
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