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Colin Farrell and Paula Patton in talks for lead roles in Duncan Jones' World of Warcraft adaptation

Deadline has news on the first two casting possibilities for WARCRAFT, Duncan Jones ' adaptation of the popular (is it still popular?) video game World of Warcraft. The site is reporting that Colin Farrell and Paula Patton are both up for lead roles in the upcoming film. Farrell has been offered the part, but a source for Deadline says there's a 50-50 chance of him taking...
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The World of Warcraft movie is "not quite there yet"

The most recent news regarding the WORLD OF WARCRAFT movie was that the new director of the film would be Duncan Jones . That was back in January and since then, nothing. After Sam Raimi toiled for years to make a movie based on the video game/novel/CCG series, he finally let it move on where it has been sitting ever since. Rumors had the film starting production in early 2014...
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Epic! Duncan Jones is the new helmer for the video game adaptation of Warcraft

WHOA. Hold the frakkin' phone! After going through some serious turmoil with Sam Raimi , it looks like the WARCRAFT movie has found someone else to take the reins-- Duncan Jones . Jones has directed MOON with Sam Rockwell and SOURCE CODE starring Jake Gyllenhaal . I thought MOON was a fantastic debut from Jones, who seems to have a wonderful knack with the sci-fi genre. The...
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