Trailer for VH1 show Martha Stewart and Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party drops

...what the f*ck did I just watch? So apparently VH1 is making a show starring the most out-there odd couple since Lemmon and Matthau  with MARTHA STEWART AND SNOOP'S POTLUCK DINNER PARTY. Not going to lie, I'd love to be invited to that potluck. I'd probably bring chips, because I'm cheap. Don't judge me. Anyway, it's a celebrity cooking show,...
2 days ago
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Hulu is developing VR shows, holodecks still a Pipe Dream

Virtual Reality (or VR) is a thing now, and that's awesome. While it's in its early stages, the demos that have been shown in the gaming world, as well as concert (and porn) videos, shows that the new technology has potential. We're not able to use a holodeck to  shoot Borg with machine guns yet, but it's a start.  Hulu is also trying to capitalize on...
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Cool Videos: Adult Swim takes sitcom intros to a new level in Too Many Cooks

Anyone familiar with Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block may think they're prepared for this. What follows is a spoofing of classic 70s and 80s sitcom intros, right down to the titles, actor reactions and lack of high-definition quality. Just when you think you have this video pegged, it goes off the deep end. I wont spoil it for you except to say that the entire 12-minute opus...
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Here is the trailer for the Grumpy Cat Christmas movie with Aubrey Plaza

Yeah, this is actually happening. We have reached the point where the memes are becoming movies. Grumpy Cat, the cranky-faced animal that launched countless images, videos, and other social media tidbits has charmed enough individuals at the Lifetime network that they thought it would be prudent to give the feline celebrity his own feature film. I present GRUMPY CAT'S WORST CHRISTMAS...
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Cool Videos: Your argument is invalid; It's Shia LaBeouf Live

You may remember Rob Cantor's song Shia LaBeouf charming the hell out of a listeners a few years ago, especially with several nifty animated videos to boot. Well aside from writing his own music not based on actual cannibals, Rob Cantor has returned with his hit song and blown it up in ways you could scarcely imagine. I couldn't even begin to describe this live adaptation,...
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[UPDATED] Jurassic Park 4 almost featured dino-humans fighting the war on drugs? Check out the concept art as proof!

UPDATE: According to an inquiry made to Industrial Light & Magic regarding these JURASSIC PARK 4 concept art items, these are not official. The ILM statement reads: Not sure where this stuff came from but it’s not from a production we’ve worked on. Looks like someone’s personal work – ILM doesn’t put © lines on our work like in those images – we...
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COOL VIDEOS: Trailer for Doggie B might be your biggest WTF moment of the day

All right, so let's get one thing straight; this shit is NOT cool.  It's not newsworthy either, but I've got to share this with you if for no other reason than just to have someone else confirm what my eyeballs just witnessed and my brain is still trying to process. This trailer for DOGGIE B, which is a REAL movie, is so jaw-droppingly stupid that I had to watch it twice to see if...
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