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Emily Browning is ready to rock in the trailer for Plush

Emily Browning is an attractive actress who has taken on varied and challenging roles through her career. She has showed promise in films like A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS, SUCKER PUNCH, and SLEEPING BEAUTY and she is sure as hell not afraid to show some skin. With a turn in next year's POMPEII, Browning is poised for a bright future. That is unless anyone sees PLUSH. The...
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Review: Adore

PLOT : Two lifelong friends who have shared everything together begin romantic relationships with each otherís sons. Not surprisingly complications arise from this mother-loving arrangement. REVIEW : Imagine two beautiful, middle-aged women watching each of their twenty or so year old sons frolicking on the beach. One woman proclaims to the other how the two boys look like Greek...
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MILF-tastic fantasies are fulfilled in the trailer for Adore starring Robin Wright and Naomi Watts

For those of you who have a fine appreciation for the MILF-aged actresses Robin Wright and Naomi Watts , ADORE may be the perfect fantasy film for you. In this age-defying drama, the two esteemed actresses play a pair of childhood friends who fall for each other's young sons, causing the usual mix of resentment, jealousy, moral conflict, and possibly some really raunchy "your mama"...
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Hugo Weaving to lead Craig Monahan's Healing

I'm glad Hugo Weaving hasn't been stuck with just villain roles since THE MATRIX. It happens a lot to actors that have played superb villains but just like the best ( Gary Oldman , Christopher Walken ) Hugo Weaving has shown he's more than capable of playing a variety of roles. THR has news that he will be using some of that range for the film HEALING that is being...
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