Check out our new JoBlo Video Game Trailers YouTube Channel!

With the great success we've had with our JoBlo Movie Trailers You Tube channel over the past few years we've begun to spread our wings into other territories, most recently with our TV Show Trailers channel, and have set our next destination to the video game trailer market. We've already started a new Release Date section for video games and felt that it was time to...
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Comic Con: Alien Isolation's Convention Booth

As our coverage of the 2014 SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON INTERNATIONAL continues, I'm pretty damn excited to show you guys and gals a really awesome display that Sega and the Creative Assembly put on for their hugely-anticipated video game ALIEN ISOLATION . Since the disastrous release of ALIENS: COLONIAL MARINES last year, fans of the franchise such as myself have been drooling for a...
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Cool Videos: Rockstar Games debuts the trailer for Grand Theft Auto V!

For those of you that have been itching to live out your secret criminal lifestyle fantasies, Rockstar Games is about to roll out their next entry in the free-roaming crime spree happy franchise of Grand Theft Auto, the aptly titled Grand Theft Auto V. Today, the videogame maker dropped their debut trailer for the game, which has all the shenanigans you've come to know and love from the...
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Microsoft announces a live action Halo television series produced by Steven Spielberg

Alongside Microsoft's annoucement of the Xbox One came another big piece of news that no one saw coming. Microsoft is developing a live action HALO television series that will be produced by Steven Spielberg ! After a decade of planning and development on a feature film along with some pretty awesome commercials and web series, HALO is finally getting the "premium" treatment. But,...
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Update: Clips and trailers added! Call of Duty Ghosts reveal! Watch Live as Microsoft unveils the new Xbox!

UPDATED: The event may be over, but we'll update with clips for those that missed it. Scroll down to see what you missed! For the gamers among us (and there are many) today will see the reveal of Microsoft's next generation Xbox system, which will likely feature a number of upgrades and changes that should make for a better gaming experience. Word on the street is that it...
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Video Games: The trailer for Grand Theft Auto V

Get ready to wreak havoc once again as the next entry from Rockstar Games' popular Grand Theft Auto series has debuted a new trailer for the fifth entry in the series, Grand Theft Auto V, bringing all the familiar mayhem you've come to expect.  This time out, the open-world action/adventure series follows three different characters, which you can jump between throughout gameplay and is set...
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