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Alexandra Daddario to star in I Am Not A Bird thriller from William Olsson

Alexandra Daddario (BAYWATCH, TRUE DETECTIVE) has been tapped to star in the dramatic thriller I AM NOT A BIRD, an adaptation of Catherine Hanrahan's novel Lost Girls And Love Hotels with Swedish filmmaker William Olsson attached to helm the project. Hanrahan will write the screenplay herself, transforming her story about a young western woman,...
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Review: The Disaster Artist (TIFF)

PLOT: The making of Tommy Wiseau’s ( James Franco ) THE ROOM, as seen through the eyes of his best friend, struggling actor Greg Sestero ( Dave Franco ). REVIEW: To say there’s never been a movie like THE ROOM is an understatement. Sure, plenty of terrible vanity productions have seen the light of day, especially since digital made the actual technology needed to...
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Disaster Artist trailer finds James Franco making a real Hollywood movie

THE DISASTER ARTIST chronicles the making of the movie THE ROOM (which has been given the crown of “The Greatest Bad Movie Ever Made”) and the story behind its creation is even crazier and funnier than the movie itself. James Franco wrote and directed the film and stars as the overly eccentric Tommy Wiseau, the man behind the mythic mess. With his erroneous sense of...
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Hugh Jackman turns nothing into something in Greatest Showman poster

Aside from by donning the occasional adamantium claws, Hugh Jackman has been able to dazzle audiences with his booming singing voice, expert dancing skills and bottomless well of charm. The claws may be sheathed for good, but he’s about to showcase everything else in the upcoming THE GREATEST SHOWMAN. The film about P.T. Barnum (Jackman) got its first poster, which put the focus...
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Seth Rogen, Whiz Khalifa launch new shows through Pot Platform Merry Jane

* inhales deeply * Some people will tell you that those who partake in the cannabis plant are lazy. Well, I would point those misguided fools in the direction of Seth Rogen , who's one of the busiest talents in the film industry today. For real, between PREACHER, THE DISASTER ARTIST, ZEROVILLE, THE LION KING, and FLARSKY, I'd say that Rogen is one productive pothead. Case...
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Seth Rogen to produce Good Boys, an R-rated comedy in the vein of Superbad

Check your maturity at the door, folks, because Seth Rogen 's Point Grey Pictures and Good Universe have announced that they'll be producing an R-rated comedy entitled GOOD BOYS. Set to make their feature directorial debut for the film are Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky . In what we know so far, the film is being likened to Rogen's other comedies,...
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How James Franco first fell in love with The Room

THE ROOM really needs to be seen to be believed, but as crazy as the so-called "CITIZEN KANE of bad movies" is, it's merely a brief glimpse into the madness (or brilliance) of Tommy Wiseau. To get the full story, you really need to read Greg Sestero's "The Disaster Artist," which chronicles the making of THE ROOM and has been adapted into the upcoming...
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James Franco says Tommy Wiseau approves of The Disaster Artist 99.9 percent

THE ROOM has been graced with the label of “the CITIZEN KANE of bad movies,” but the ironic thing is the movie about its creation – THE DISASTER ARTIST – is being met with standing ovations and scores of cheers. Critics and audiences lucky enough to have seen it have praised it for its sheer hilarity and abundance of heart (much in the style of Tim Burton...
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James Franco is Tommy Wiseau in The Disaster Artist trailer

Tommy Wiseau made what is considered the most hilariously bad movie ever –THE ROOM. The making of the movie was an equally hysterical mess, and the development and filming of the movie is chronicled in the book "The Disaster Artist" by Greg Sestero (who played Mark in THE ROOM). Now the movie based on the book about the making of the movie is on the way from James...
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Trailer for The Greatest Showman starring Hugh Jackman sings its way online

The first trailer for THE GREATEST SHOWMAN has arrived! Starring Hugh Jackman as the legendary P.T. Barnum, the film is a musical take on the "greatest showman's" life and times. Directed by first-timer Michael Gracey , the film also stars Zac Efron , Michelle Williams ,  Rebecca Ferguson , and Zendaya. Take a look! Here's the...
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A Baywatch sequel could find the elite lifeguards heading overseas

Although BAYWATCH hasn't exactly been unanimously embraced by the critics , that doesn't mean that the big-screen adaptation of the 90's TV series can't have a sequel. While speaking with Variety at the New York City screening of BAYWATCH, producer Beau Flynn revealed that plans were already in motion for a sequel which would bring back the cast as well as writers...
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Review: Baywatch

PLOT : The Baywatch lifeguard team must deal with a jerk of a new recruit and a deadly socialite peddling drugs… oh yeah, and lots of gorgeous bodies in bathing suits. REVIEW : The only time I caught an episode of the series Baywatch, there was very little enjoyment on my part. The episode involved one of the main characters - at least I think it was a main one -...
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