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Patty Jenkins wanted to bring a little Romeo & Juliet to Thor 2

Back before Patty Jenkins was tasked with bringing WONDER WOMAN to the big-screen, she had signed with Marvel to take the reins of THOR: THE DARK WORLD. However, just a few short months later, Jenkins had exited the project due to those pesky creative differences. Patty Jenkins told Uproxx that although she " heartbroken " at the time, she realized that she...
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Rapuzel's hair is long & epic, again, for Tangled: Before Ever After film

I’m not going to lie, I was devastated when Rapunzel lopped off her long, luscious, and seemingly-sentient locks during the third act of Disney’s TANGLED. As someone who takes alarmingly good care of his long, blonde hair, I’ve often felt like Rapunzel is my Disney Princess spirit animal. That’s why today, I’m happy to report that the golden-locked blonde...
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The UnPopular Opinion: Thor: The Dark World

THE UNPOPULAR OPINION is an ongoing column featuring different takes on films that either the writer HATED, but that the majority of film fans LOVED, or that the writer LOVED, but that most others LOATHED. We're hoping this column will promote constructive and geek fueled discussion. Enjoy! ****SOME SPOILERS ENSUE**** Marvel Studios has built itself as one of the...
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Loki wields Mjolnir in this Thor: The Dark World deleted scene

Marvel will be releasing their Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase Two Blu-ray box-set in just a few days time, and much like their Phase one box-set, it will be jammed packed with features including new deleted scenes from each of the Phase Two films. One such deleted scene from THOR: THE DARK WORLD has made its way online and it features Loki ( Tom Hiddleston ) wielding Mjolnir in front...
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TV Review: Heroes Reborn - Series Premiere "Brave New World/Odessa"

Plot :  In a new world order, people with extraordinary abilities are in hiding and are hunted by those with nefarious motives following a catastrophic terrorist attack in Odessa, Texas.  Episode: "Brave New World"/"Odessa" Review:  Five years ago, Heroes went off the air fairly unceremoniously. After debuting in 2006, the NBC...
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New and old heroes are teased in this first full trailer for Heroes Reborn

We've already seen several short teasers for Heroes Reborn, NBC's revival of the once beloved Heroes series, but today NBC has released a proper trailer which finally offers up our first look at some of these new (and old) characters in action. Heroes Reborn stands as just one of the many shows which are set to return to our screens with a revival of some sort, but it still...
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Heroes Reborn promo asks where all the heroes have gone

Lest you forget, Heroes will be making its way back to smaller screens with Heroes Reborn. The 13-episode series will follow a new group of individuals coming to grips extraordinary abilities, although fans of the original series can expect a few cameos along the way. While an exact date hasn't been given for the return, we now have a new promo giving us a glimpse into what world these...
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Masi Oka will return as Hiro Nakamura for Heroes Reborn

The upcoming Heroes re-launch, Heroes Reborn, has finally nabbed another original cast member. Deadline reports that Masi Oka , who caught his big break on the show, will return to the world of Heroes for a guest-starring arc on Heroes Reborn. Somewhere Jack Coleman breathes a sigh of relief that he won’t be the only original cast member on board this thing. Masi Oka...
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Heroes Reborn bags two more cast members in Danika Yarosh and Robbie Kay

I recently went back and re-watched the first season of Heroes and, while it didn’t hold up quite as well as I remember, I still found it to be a decently entertaining show; which of course begs the question…what the heck happened to it? During the first season Heroes received numerous nominations including ones for best drama at both the Golden Globes and Emmy Awards, but...
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Chuck star Zachary Levi joins NBC's Heroes Reborn mini-series

Here are two things that probably instantly make you reflect on the mid 2000s: CHUCK and HEROES. Both NBC series were pretty big their first two seasons before fizzling out in the ratings. While HEROES went off the wall a bit in the final, incomprehensible seasons, CHUCK was still a fun show full of humor and action. If I could have one back on the air, I would pick CHUCK, but I will...
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Thor is now the goddess of thunder

Yesterday, Marvel teased that it would be announcing something "thundering" on The View . Now, I'm no Robert Langdon, but if I was a betting man I would say that announcement would have something to do with Thor. Here's the original Tweet: We're announcing an all-new thundering title tomorrow on ABC's @theviewtv ! Tune in at 11e|10p|c for details. #TheView...
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Cool Videos: Tom Hiddleston explains "The Art of Villainy" in this car ad

Do I really need an excuse to post anything that features Tom Hiddleston ? In case I did, here’s one of the new “Villain” ads for Jaguar featuring Loki himself. Not that I can afford one of the new F-Type Coupes anyway, especially not at $65,895, but the ads are clever. This one begins with John of Gaunt ‘s England quote from the Bard’s Richard II: ”This precious stone set in...
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