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Review: The East

THE EAST was originally reviewed as part of's 2013 Sundance coverage. PLOT: An undercover operative (Britt Marling) for a private security group is sent to infiltrate a radical cell of activist extremists- called “The East”. As she gets deeper and deeper into the cell, her cover is jeopardized when she falls in love with their charismatic leader (...
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Brit Marling gets in deep with Alexander Skarsgard and Ellen Page in the second trailer for The East

The first trailer for Zal Batmanglij 's THE EAST skimmed the surface, and now the second trailer gives us a deeper look into what we can expect. As we've seen before, Alexander Skarsgård is the head of an anarchist group called THE EAST which is targeting major corporations for their wrong doings. This isn't just picketing-- it's full scale Project Mayhem stuff, except less...
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The East trailer is here to deliver a chilling manifesto

As our very own Chris Bumbray will review the latest at Sundance, those of us not lucky enough to attend will get to enjoy all of the new trailers revealed this week for the festival films. Here we have our first look at THE EAST starring Brit Marling , Ellen Page , Alexander Skarsgard , and Patricia Clarkson . THE EAST tells the story of a contract worker ( Brit Marling ) who is...
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